ITTO Projects, Pre-Projects and Activities

List of all approved projects, pre-projects and activities requiring financing, including those approved in the most recent project cycle and those approved earlier and pending financing.

List of Projects, Pre-projects and Activities Pending Finance - As at 17 May 2017

Activities approved under BWP 2015-2016 (extended to 2017)

Extension of the ITTO Biennial Work Programme for 2015-2016

Projects and Pre-Projects Approved and Pending Financing

PD 723/13 Rev.2 (F) Phase I Stage 2 and Phase II

Capacity Building for Strengthening Transboundary Biodiversity Conservation of the Taninthayi Range in Myanmar (Myanmar)

PD 765/14 Rev.3 (F)

Development of a Forest Landscape Restoration Program for Guatemala Based on ITTO Guidelines (Guatemala)

PPD 184/15 Rev.2 (F)

Development of Payment for Environmental Services Scheme for Local Community Groups and Private Developer Forest Plantations in Degraded Lands, Ghana  (Ghana)

PPD 185/16 Rev.1 (F)

Saving Timber Yielding Rare Endemic and Threatened Species of Western Ghats, India by Promoting Agro-forestry and Reforestation of Degraded Lands (India)

PD 761/14 Rev.2 (I, M)

Promoting Partnership Between Farmer Group and Forest Industry (Indonesia)

PD 776/15 Rev.2 (F)

Enhancement of the Wildland Fire Prevention and Control System for the Sustainable Management of ONAB’s Plantations (Benin)

PD 780/15 Rev.3 (F)

Sustainable Indigenous Mixed Species Reforestation, Plus Climate-Resilient Women Livelihoods in Six Rural Communities in Ghana's Akwapim and Upper Krobo Districts (Ghana)

PD 788/15 Rev.2 (I)

Achieving Sustainable Forest Management through  Enhanced Competitiveness of Small & Medium Wood Industries (SMWIs) in Ciamis District of West Java Province, Indonesia (Indonesia)

PD 796/15 Rev.2 (M)

Establishing a System for the Collection, Storage, Processing and Dissemination of Forest and Wildlife Statistics in Cameroon (Cameroon)

PD 802/15 Rev.2 (F)

Building the Capacity of Local Village Communities for the Restoration, Management and Governance of the Founou and Wani Forest Reserves in the Macina District, Segou Region, Mali (Mali)

PD 822/16 Rev.1 (F)

Production, Conservation and Sustainable Management of Forest Seeds in Benin (Benin)

PD 824/16 Rev.1 (F)

Promoting Sustainable Development and Utilization of Kemenyan (Styrax spp.) Resource Involving Local Stakeholders in Toba Region of North Sumatra Province, Indonesia (Indonesia)

PD 690/13 Rev.4 (F)

BAMBOO FOR LIFE: An Alternative for the Rehabilitation of Degraded Forests and Sustainable Rural Development in the Peruvian Amazon Region (Peru)

PD 709/13 Rev.2 (I)

Enhancing Bali Wooden Handicraft Industry by Improving the Quality of Planted-wood Raw Materials and Complying to Legality Standard (Indonesia)

PD 712/13 Rev.2 (F)

Enhancing the Implementation of Landscape Management of Giam Siak Kecil-Bukit Batu Biosphere Reserve (GSK-BR) in Riau Province of Sumatra Island, Indonesia (Indonesia)

PD 713/13 Rev.2 (F)

Operationalising the Policy on Sustainable Management of Sandalwood Resource through Improved Livelihood and Increased Participation of Local Communities (Indonesia)

PD 735/14 Rev.2 (F)

Enhancing Partnership Efforts to Restore Peat Swamp Forests in Sumatra (Indonesia)

PD 736/14 Rev.1 (F)

Enhancing Conservation and Sustainable Production of Indonesian Rosewood (Dalbergia spp) (Indonesia)

PD 739/14 Rev.1 (F)

Initiating the Conservation of Eboni Species (Diospyros Celebica Bakh) Involving Local Stakeholders in Sulawesi (Indonesia)

PPD 182/15 Rev.1 (F)

Supporting Protected Area Communities in Afram Plains to Engage in Integrated Management of Economic Timber Species in Community Lands (Ghana)

PD 771/15 Rev.2 (I)

Genetic Conservation, Utilization and Management of Gall Rust Resistant Strains of Falcataria moluccana Growing in the Philippines (Philippines)

PD 774/15 Rev.2 (F)

Implementation of the Forest Management Plan of the Chepigana Forest Reserve, Choco-Darién Eco-Region, as a Conservation and Sustainable Development Alternative for a Protected Area (Panama)

PD 775/15 Rev.2 (F)

Management and Restoration of the Forest Landscape in San Marcos, Guatemala and Chiapas, Mexico (Guatemala and Mexico)

PD 785/15 Rev.1 (F)

Phytosanitary Management of Commercial Forest Plantations in the Moist Tropics (Mexico)

PD 794/15 Rev.1 (F)

Conservation and Sustainable Use of Mangrove Forest Resources in the Province of el Oro, Southern Ecuador (Ecuador)

PD 554/09 Rev.4 (F)

Pilot Sustainable Management Systems for Secondary Forests in the Collective Afro-Descendant Community Territory of the Bajo Calima Community Council, Municipality of Buenaventura (Colombia)

PD 124/01 Rev.5 (M) Phase III Stage 3

Promotion of Sustainable Management of African Forests (ATO/ITTO)

PD 700/13 Rev.2 (I)

Development of Intra-African Trade and Further Processing in Tropical Timber and Timber Products - Phase I Stage 1 (ITTO)

Thematic Programmes

Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (TFLET)

Reducing Deforestation and Forest Degradation and Enhancing Environmental Services in Tropical Forests (REDDES)

Community Forest Management and Enterprises (CFME)

Trade and Market Transparency (TMT)

Industry Development and Efficiency (IDE)

ITTO Project Formulation Software (ITTO ProTool) and User's Manual

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ITTO Manual for Project Formulation third edition

ITTO Manual for Project Monitoring, Review, and Evaluation

Manual on Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Guidelines for the Selection and Employment of Consultants, Procurement, and for the Payments of Goods and Services

Report of the 51st Expert Panel

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Project Cycle Calendar for 2017