The future of forestry

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"The ability of a country to follow sustainable development paths is determined to a large extent by the capacity of its people and its institutions..."

This statement is taken from Chapter 37 of Agenda 21, the blueprint for a sustainable future produced by the Earth Summit in 1992. It might seem blindingly obvious, even tautological. But more than a decade on, the international community continues to grapple with the theory and practice of capacity-building in sustainable development, and how it can best assist countries to do it.


  • RIL becomes real in Brazil

    Photo: D. Dykstra

    An innovative ITTO-funded training project has taught loggers, foresters and forestry trainers the how and why of reduced impact logging

    By Dennis P. Dykstra and Elias

  • Repairing the road to SFM

    Photo: Rukmantara

    Sustainable forest management remains an important goal in Indonesia, but capacity-building and institution-strengthening must be complemented by a more coherent policy environment at the different levels of government

    By Rukmantara

  • When foresters have a higher calling

    An ITTO project is assisting a forestry school to provide an education program to foresters wishing to strengthen their skills in sustainable forest management planning and practice

    By Victor Hugo Achá G. and Ruben Guevara

  • Paths to partnerships in central Africa

    Photo: C. Ndikumagenge

    A review of experiences in forest management partnerships in the Congo Basin should lead to the strengthening of collaborative work there

    By D Ngantou, C Ndikumagenge, S M Wehiong, K A Angu

  • Training local auditors

    ITTO begins a process for developing capacity in tropical countries for auditing the implementation of the ITTO criteria & indicators

    By Hanna Nikinmaa and Jussi Lounasvuori

  • Out on a limb

    Not enough attention is being paid to building forest management capacity within Africa’s civil society

    By Parfait Mimbimi Esono

  • Council outcomes

    Photo: L. Mead, Earth Negotiations

    Council delivers a further US$7.6 million for field action in tropical forests

  • Moving mahogany

    The CITES Appendix II listing of mahogany comes into force



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