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Seat of power?

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The corridors of power are located mostly in parliaments and palaces and the central business districts of major cities, and not many of us get to walk them. But policymakers, including those in the forest sector, increasingly talk of decentralisation, the process of transferring power from a centralised source to local governments, local communities and other stakeholders.

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Paths and pitfalls for decentralisation


What effect is decentralisation having on the quest for sustainable forest management in the Asia-Pacific region?

By Ian Ferguson and Cherukat Chandrasekharan

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The elements of decentralisation

Forest-policy experts at a recent workshop conclude that successful decentralisation requires considerable planning, capacitybuilding and stakeholder participation

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Learning from success


Photo: STCP

An ITTO survey of the private sector identified a number of companies whose forest operations are well on the way to sustainability. What can we learn from them?

By Ivan Tomaselli and Marco Tuoto

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Timber and the circle of life


Photo: CIB

Life-cycle assessment could be used more for comparing the environmental impact of tropical timber against substitute materials

By Richard Murphy

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Out on a limb


Photo: K. Takahashi

The International Tropical Timber Council’s Civil Society Advisory Group and Trade Advisory Group convened a joint workshop on illegal logging and illegal trade in conjunction with the 36th session of the Council

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Council adds to its program on tropical forests


Photo: ENB

The International Tropical Timber Council pledged a further US$6 million for new projects and activities

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Negotiators stake their ground


Photo: ENB

More time is needed to secure a new agreement on ITTO’s future

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ITTO’s new work

Projects funded at the 36th Session of the International Tropical Timber Council

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Making secondary forests a priority


Photo: A. Gaviria

A mid-term evaluation of an ITTO project finds that it is performing a useful function in the development of plans for the sustainable management of secondary forests in Ecuador

By Alfredo Gaviria

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Fellowship report


A study tour to the Solomon Islands, Fiji and Vanuatu afforded some insights into the minds of local foresters

By Ruth C. H. Turia

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On the conference circuit


Workshop on trade in ramin and a symposium on the effects of forest certification in developing countries and emerging economies

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Recent editions


New books and reports

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Call for papers on experiences in community-based forest industry, regional restoration workshop series, and more

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A comprehensive listing of coming conferences relevant to sustainable tropical forest management

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Short training courses for professionals in forestry and related disciplines

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