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Just as tropical forests renew themselves, so has ITTO. On 7 December 2011, the International Tropical Timber Agreement 2006 entered into force, ushering in a new era for ITTO. This issue of the TFU, the first to be published after the entry into force of the ITTA 2006, celebrates this new beginning.

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The ITTO Tropical Forest Update is published quarterly in English, French and Spanish; the French and Spanish editions are usually posted about a month later than the English.

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Taking stock


Markku Simula, Hosny El-Lakany and
Ivan Tomaselli

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Zoning Mbalmayo


By: Ongolo Assogoma Symphorien, Owona Ndongo Pierre André, Béligné Vincent, Doumenge Charles and Linjouom Ibrahim

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Managing big-leaf mahogany in natural forests


By James Grogan, Mark Schulze, Marco Lentini, Johan Zweede, R. Matthew Landis and Christopher M. Free

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Nature’s barcode: the simplest way to track wood


by Darren Thomas and Andrew J. Lowe

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PNG’s changing paradigm


by Don Gilmour, Francis Hurahura and Frank Agaru

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Fellowship report

by Rosa E. Cossío

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Market trends

by Rupert Oliver

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Topical & tropical

Compiled and edited by Ken Sato

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Recent editions

Compiled and edited by Ken Sato

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Recently funded projects

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