20 No 2

The transboundary transition

Conservation across borderlines is an idea whose time has come.Nowhere is this more clear than in the Condor Mountains, where a transboundary conservation area (TBCA) between Ecuador and Peru has not only improved relations between governments, it has empowered the region’s Indigenous peoples—Wampis and Shuar, among others—to strengthen their cultural identities, renew cross-border family ties and seek new livelihood opportunities.

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The opening session


Emmanuel Ze Meka

The transboundary conservation of tropical forests is an idea that has arrived

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The ultimate transboundary problem


by Trevor Sandwith

The challenge of climate change has brought a new urgency to transboundary conservation

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Governing TBCAs


by James K. Gasana

TBCAs usually require both high-level commitment and a devolution of power

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The CBD’s new strategy


by Tim Christophersen

The Convention on Biological Diversity has a new strategic plan that emphasises connectivity at the landscape scale

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Three nations, one conservation complex


by Grégoire Ngono

The future of a TBCA in a large forested landscape in the Congo Basin depends on benefits accruing to local people

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The hotspot between Nigeria and Cameroon


by Edem Eniang

A TBCA that includes the Korup National Park and Cross River National Park could help resolve some chronic problems

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Managing Mayombe


by Agostinho Chicaia

A new project aims to foster transboundary cooperation in the management of the Mayombe forest

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Going the distance

by Paul Chai

A long-running initiative on the border between Malaysia and Indonesia has improved conservation and assisted community development

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Sacred pact


by Bandana Shakya, Robert Zomer, Eklabya Sharma and Krishna P. Oli

China, India and Nepal are considering a plan for the coordinated management of the proposed Kailash Sacred Landscape.

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The sub-continental search for TBCAs

by Vinod B. Mathur

India has taken a systematic approach to identifying and prioritizing TBCAs

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