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Maybe we should talk

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Foresters need to become better communicators; we need to talk more. This doesn't mean more international meetings (we probably need fewer of those), it means talking with communities so that we properly understand their concerns.

In this edition of the TFU we explore the emerging concept of forest landscape restoration (FLR). It's not just about techniques that work in a nursery or along a planting line; most importantly it is about the roles, rights and responsibilities of stakeholders and how these can be discerned and accommodated by restoration initiatives.

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Restoring forest landscapes


A partnership of international organisations, national governments and NGOs is promoting a landscape approach to forest restoration

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Balancing restoration and development


Photo: S. Chape

FLR is a tool for ensuring that forest restoration complements development at the landscape scale

By Stewart Maginnis and William Jackson

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Adapting to change

Adaptive management is one of the key elements of forest landscape restoration

By Don Gilmour

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Who's interests does it serve?


Photo: K. Evans

Forest landscape restoration requires a stakeholder approach

By Trikurnianti Kusumanto

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Life after logging


Photo: G. Frederiksson

How to reconcile wildlife conservation and production forestry in Indonesian Borneo

By Douglas Sheil and Erik Meijaard

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Iwokrama's plan for SFM


Photo: Fotonatura

A sustainable forest management model has been devised in Guyana. Now it needs to be implemented

By Olav Bakken Jensen

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How to hurdle the barriers


Photo: Samling Corp

Tropical timber exporters must overcome an increasing array of technical barriers to trade

By Russell Taylor, Ivan Tomaselli and Lew Wing Hing

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ITTO reinforces commitment to forest law enforcement


The most recent Council session delivered more information on issues of forest law enforcement and illegal logging

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Out on a limb


Local people are well-placed to develop zonation plans in Indonesia's Lore Lindu National Park

By Ir Helmi

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Fellowship report


Analysing the imperfections of the sawnwood market in Colombia's South Pacific region

By Sandra Rodriguez

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On the conference circuit


Reports on the ITTO international workshop on phased approaches to certification, TFD's dialogue on practical actions to combat illegal logging, workshop on implementation of forest landscape restoration, and more

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Recent editions


New books and reports

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Letters, Noticeboard and Courses


Response to the ITTO diagnostic mission report Achieving the ITTO Objective 2000 and sustainable forest management in Cambodia and authors' response, announcement of the Earthscan forestry library, and more

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A comprehensive listing of coming conferences relevant to sustainable tropical forest management

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