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China-Europe railway linked to Chengdu timber distribution centre. Read the MIS report.

Efforts to increase use of lesser-known species for marine works. Read the MIS report.

3 September 2018

A paper co-authored by ITTO’s Steven Johnson, “25 years of criteria and indicators for sustainable forest management: why some intergovernmental C&I processes flourished while others faded”, has been published in the journal <i>Forests</i>. The article compares and analyses the structure, activities and progress of 11 intergovernmental C&I processes, including ITTO’s pioneering work.

Myanmar launches legality certification system. Read the MIS report.

16 August 2018

Changes to US GSP could disrupt Indonesian and Brazilian exports. Read the MIS report.

Third party certification bodies in Myanmar ready to start work. Read the MIS report.

Call for articles for the next ETFRN News, deadline for outlines is 15 August 2018

Report of the Workshop to Discuss Implementation of Madagascar’s Use Plan (Business Plan) for Securing and Disposing of Stockpiles of Rosewood and other Precious Woods is now available in English and French.

12 July 2018

An article published recently in the journal Wood Science and Technology explores the use of near-infrared spectroscopy for identifying wood from Dalbergia species. The article is based on work carried out as part of the ITTO–CITES Programme.

5 July 2018

Timber Green Supply Chain Initiative. Read the MIS report.

Tight supply of Vietnamese plywood. Read the MIS report.

18 June 2018

Sabah bans log exports. Read the MIS report.

1 June 2018

Registration for the “2018 Seminar on High Value-added Bamboo Use for ITTO Producing Member Countries” to be held from 24 June –14 July 2018, is now open.

22 May 2018

According to Panama’s Ministry of Environment, as reported in the newspaper <i>La Estrella de Panama</i>, an ITTO-financed timber-tracking project has helped reduce illegal logging in the country by 68%. Read the full story here (in Spanish).

“Forest can change the word”, an upcoming broadcast by NHK World. On air on 18 May 2018 and available for VOD from 21 May 2018

Online LCA tool for American hardwoods. Read the MIS report.

Indonesia - Largest supplier of hardwood plywood to US. Read the MIS report.

Promoting tropical timber in the EU. Read the MIS report.

16 April 2018

Skyrocketing Indonesian plywood prices. Read the MIS report.

3 April 2018

Delays in VAT refund and shipping issues undermine Rougier finances. Read the MIS report.

Videos from the International Conference on Forestry Training: Addressing the Challenges of Training for Sustainably Managing the Congo Basin Forests are now available.

15 March 2018

The states of Sarawak in Malaysia and Kalimantan in Indonesia to collaborate on transboundary conservation to protect water-catchment forests in the heart of Borneo, thanks to the support of ITTO, as reported by the Borneo Post

12 March 2018

Sustainability bond to finance rubberwood plantations in Indonesia. Read the MIS report.

2 March 2018

ENB's coverage of the international conference “Working Across Sectors to Halt Deforestation and Increase Forest Area – From Aspiration to Action”

EU importers – “2018 could be a good year for those with plentiful stocks”. Read the MIS report.

Cameroon raises log export duties. Read the MIS report.

1 February 2018

Japanese government policy on the TPP. Read the MIS report.

16 January 2018

Keynote address from ITTO's Executive Director at the Global Landscape Forum available for streaming

20 December 2017

Proceedings from the Tokyo International Conference on Forest Governance Initiative are now available

26 December 2017

Brazilian forestry activist receives the 2017 Wangari Maathai Forest Champion Award

20 December 2017

India seeks exemption from the CITES Dalbergia requirements. Read the MIS report.

ITTO’s 2017 Annual Market Discussion. Read the MIS report.

7 December 2017

New Fellowships awarded at the 53rd Session of the ITTC

5 December 2017

Daily highlights of ITTC-53

24 November 2017

ENB coverage of ITTC-53

Final report on FLEGT VPA Partners in EU Timber Trade 2014 to 2016 is now available

22 November 2017

Download the 2018 ITTO Calendar

US survey - architects and designers lack knowledge on endangered species. Read the MIS report.

The French version of the ITTO annual report 2016 is now available

The Spanish version of the ITTO annual report 2016 is now available

Reform of Australia’s illegal logging regulation. Read the MIS report.

LCA provides foundation for new tropical wood promotion campaign. Read the MIS report.

16 October 2017

ITTO annual report 2016 is now available.

10 October 2017

The report from the International Conference on Sustainable Mangrove Ecosystems is now available.

6 October 2017

Rise in Japan’s log and sawnwood exports. Read the MIS report.

The Biennial Review of the World Timber Situation 2015–2016 is now available in French and Spanish.

29 September 2017

Comment invited on latest FLEGT report. Read the MIS report.

19 September 2017

New report on 2014-2016 trade available from Independent Market Monitoring of FLEGT-licensed timber project.

US plywood imports fall across the board in June. Read the MIS report.

The latest TFU issue (No. 26/2) is now available in French and Spanish.

30 August 2017

Foreign furniture makers in Indonesia moving to Vietnam. Read the MIS report.

17 August 2017

The Bali Call to Action for Sustainable Mangrove Ecosystems is now available in English, French and Spanish.

10 August 2017

Thousands of Chinese panel mills told to stop operations. Read the MIS report.

01 August 2017

Tropical wood continues to lose share in European flooring market. Read the MIS report.

18 July 2017

The video “Criteria and indicators for SFM of tropical forests” is now available in Spanish and French.

14 June 2017

Speak out for SFM and ITTO

13 July 2017

Report of ITTO’s special lecture on tropical forests at Tokai University

12 July 2017

Results of ITTO projects on C&I in Mexico, CITES-listed tree species in Latin America and tropical timber identification in Brazil are highlighted in the June edition of the CFA newsletter.

EU and Myanmar take proactive steps on timber legality assurance. Read the MIS report.

04 July 2017

Improving competitive environment for US wood flooring manufacturers. Read the MIS report.

Malaysian plywood exporters want to mark up prices for Japanese market. Read the MIS report.

1 June 2017

Review highlights fragility of EU okoumé plywood sector. Read the MIS report.

16 May 2017

The World Economic Forum says that expanding forest could be the best climate solution

16 May 2017

ITTO Executive Director's interview on the role of SFM in poverty alleviation at UNFF12

8 May 2017

EU slaps antidumping duty on Chinese plywood. Read the MIS report.

1 May 2017

Presentations and photos from the International Conference on Sustainable Mangrove Ecosystems now available.

20 th April 2017

FLEGT Independent Market Monitoring moves forward

20 April 2017

Substantial growth in China’s sawnwood imports. Read the MIS report.

17 April 2017

EU importers warned on Myanmar teak. Read the MIS report.

Japan to launch Clean Wood Act in May. Read the MIS report.

16 March 2017

The video “Criteria and indicators for SFM of tropical forests ” is now available in Japanese

13 March 2017

Indonesian Minister of Environment and Forestry, HE Siti Nurbaya, extends and invitation to the International Conference on Sustainable Mangrove Ecosystems to be held in Bail from 18–21 April 2017

7 March 2017

ATIBT Guide to using African timbers in EU. Read the MIS report

1 March 2017

TTJ Timber Innovation Award: Call for entries

1 March 2017

Call for small-project proposals from the Forest Ecosystem Restoration Initiative

28 February 2017

Industry concerned over revised timber transport control system. Read the MIS report

17 February 2017

New video from project PD 492/07: Sustainable management of mangroves: Cameroonian women at the fore front” is now available.

16 February 2017

US furniture imports at highest level since beginning of US recession but plywood imports continue down. Read the MIS report.

The video “Local communities, forest managers par excellence” is now available in Spanish and French.

20 January 2017

Exports may fall - new regulation introduced in Myanmar. Read the MIS report

16 January 2017

The video “Local communities, forest managers par excellence” is now available in Japanese

11 January 2017

The Guyana Forestry Commission issues expressions of interest for forest concessions

Malaysia establishes Freezailah Forest Sustainability Award

30 December 2016

TTF extends congratulations to Indonesia. Read the MIS report.

CPF issues statement on forest landscape restoration during a side event co-organized by ITTO during CBD COP13

The ITTO 2017 calendar is now available for download

Update on ITTO financial impairments

21 November 2016

Trade Group - ITTO is a formidable force shaping the future of tropical forest management and trade. Read the MIS report.

18 November 2016

Highlights of ITTC-52

7 November 2016

ENB coverage of ITTC-52

Timber Innovation Act to advance tall wood building construction in the US. Read the MIS report.

1 November 2016

Madagascar has ratified the International Tropical Timber Agreement 2006, thus increasing ITTO membership to 73, the largest ever.

28 October 2016

ITTO annual report 2015 is now available.

17 October 2016

Protecting rosewood. Read the MIS report.

Former ITTO Conservation Officer, John Leigh, is appointed Head of the Peruvian Forest Service.

14 October 2016

African Development Bank funds public/private forestry project. Read the MIS report.

Investment in veneer plants in Gabon. Read the MIS report.

26 September 2016

Indonesia to ship first FLEGT licensed wood products in November. Read the MIS report

1 September 2016

New video posted on “Sustainable Forest Management in Guatemala” from project TFL-PD 024/10 Rev.2 (M)

JLR says - International NGOs demanding only verified legal wood be imported into Japan. Read the MIS report.

2 August 2016

Brexit to impact tropical imports in the short term. Read the MIS report.

1 July 2016

The latest ITTO-CITES Programme newsletter is now available.

29 June 2016

Update on ITTO financial impairments

28 June 2016

Guatemala’s timber tracking systems developed with ITTO support highlighted at international workshop

Research paper of ITTO funded project on “Regaining the traditional use of wildlife in wetlands on the coastal plain of Veracruz, Mexico” has been published in the ‘Regional Environmental Change’ journal

20 June 2016

Japanese importers review plywood business trends. Read the MIS report.

17 June 2016

New video posted for ITTO project TFL-SPD 028/12 "Empowering civil society organization and other non-state actors to effectively contribute to forest law compliance in Ghana"

15 June 2016

Tropical plywood market share falls to all time low in EU. Read the MIS report

A timber news website service is copying material from our free Market Information Service Report and asking subscribers to their website to pay for this. Read the MIS report.

The French version of the April MIS (MNS) has been published as an output of PD700/13.

12 May 2016

Myanmar mulls log harvesting ban. Read the MIS report.

Large Malaysian ply-mill to cut shipments to Japan. Read the MIS report.

The French version of the March MIS (MNS) has been published as an output of PD700/13.

12 April 2016

Gabon introduces restrictions on air dry sawnwood exports. Read the MIS report.

4 April 2016

Training provided under ITTO funded project PD 600/11 for the sustainable utilization of bamboos in Bali, Indonesia highlighted in the Jakarta Post

31 March 2016

APFNet launches its 2016 call for project proposals

17 March 2016

Rise in China’s 2015 sawnwood import volumes but import values fall. Read the MIS report

The diagnosis of tropical forest resources in Mexico (Campeche, Chiapas, Oaxaca, Quintana Roo, Tabasco and Veracruz) is now available as an output of ITTO project on “Criteria and indicators for the evaluation of tropical forest management sustainability in Mexico”, PD 351/05 Rev.1 (F)

New photos on ITTO's Facebook page of project “Strengthening mangrove ecosystem conservation in the biosphere reserve of northwestern Peru”, PD 601/11 Rev.3 (F) (text in Spanish only)

14 March 2016

Presentations from Asia-Pacific Forestry Week 2016, stream 1 “Pathways to prosperity - future trade and markets” are now available.

14 March 2016

The French version of the February MIS (MNS) has been published as an output of PD700/13.

9 March 2016

Mahogany exports to resume. Read the MIS report

Daily news from the Asia-Pacific Forestry Week

24 February 2016

Japan’s furniture import trends. Read the MIS report.

16 February 2016

The French version of the January MIS (MNS) has been published as an output of PD700/13.

15 February 2016

Brazil’s wood product exports at highest level since 2007. Read the MIS report.

An interview with the former Executive Director of ITTO, Emmanual ZeMeka on the future of Central African Forests is featured in a new book, Central African Forests, by Meindert Brouwer. Read the chapter “Green heart of Africa” featuring Mr. ZeMeka.

Results of research conducted under an ITTO project on thermomechanical process to enhance properties of hardwood flooring published in the "Brazilian Journal of Wood Science"

ETTF launches new tropical timber website. Read the MIS report.

The French version of the December MIS (MNS) has been published as an output of PD700/13.

7 January 2015

Logistic costs in Indonesia higher than in neighbouring countries. Read the MIS report

21 December 2015

Technical report on ‘Life-cycle assessment for environmental product declarations of ipe and cumaru decking strips produced in Brazil’ is now available

3 December 2015

The ITTO 2016 calendar is now available for download

1 December 2015

Get the message out says trade group. Read the MIS report

30 November 2015

The French version of the November MIS (MNS) has been published as an output of PD700/13.

26 November 2015

Summary report of the 51st Session of the International Tropical Timber Council (ITTC-51) by ENB now available

24 November 2015

New Fellowships awarded at the 2015 Autumn Cycle

24 November 2015

Summary highlights of ITTC-51 as reported by ENB are now available

22 November 2015

Daily coverage of the 51st Session of the International Tropical Timber Council (ITTC-51)

13 November 2015

Change underway in Japan’s plywood industry. Read the MIS report

17 November 2015

Golden waterway for trade – new Artic shipping service. Read the MIS report

31 October 2015

The French, Japanese and Spanish versions of the ITTO annual report 2014 are now available

29 October 2015

The latest ITTO-CITES Programme newsletter is now available

23 October 2015

ITTO & STTC support a project aiming to create a central point of information on both timber industry and legislation of producer countries. The project will support trade opportunities and help companies to meet their legality requirements and due diligence obligations.

23 October 2015

The French version of the October MIS (MNS) has been published as an output of PD700/13.

CLT creates new opportunities for hardwoods. Read the MIS report.

16 October 2015

Manual for in-house training on wood-sawing, kiln-drying, ply-milling, saw- doctoring, mill management, and further processing of timbers from tropical Africa is now available in English and French, as an output of ITTO project PD 700/13 Rev.2 (I), phase I, stage 1, which aims at developing intra-African trade and further processing of timber and timber products.

Monsoon impacts much more than agri-output in India. Read the MIS report.

The French version of the September MIS (MNS) has been published as an output of PD700/13.

Yunnan/Myanmar border closed to timber. Read the MIS report.

16 September 2015

Thailand acceded to the ITTA, 2006 bringing the membership of ITTO to 72 parties, its largest ever.

11 September 2015

The French version of the August MIS has been published as an output of PD700/13.

US wooden furniture imports highest since recession. Read the MIS report

1 September 2015

EU imports from Malaysia stabilise and Indonesian boom comes to an end. Read the MIS report.

18 August 2015

India to remove constraints to farm timber plantations. Read the MIS report.

3 August 2015

ITTO annual report 2014 now available

28 July 2015

Proceedings of the workshop on “Assessment of forest management and REDD+ governance quality in PNG” are now available

16 July 2015

JLIA to maintain focus on securing verified legal wood products. Read the MIS report.

By 2025 half world’s consumers a stone’s throw from ASEAN

The Voluntary guidelines for SFM of natural tropical forest are now available in French and Spanish.

Brazilian wood product exports increase in the first quarter. Read the MIS report.

16 June 2015

Presentations from the International Symposium to Combat Illegal Logging and its Associated Trade are now available

15 June 2015

Approaching the issue of illegal logging and associated trade

12 June 2015

Japanese versions of 2 partnership videos are now available.

The latest ITTO-CITES Programme newsletter is now available

3 June 2015

Furniture manufacturers struggle against weak domestic demand. Read the MIS report.

The Government of Croatia has acceded to the International Tropical Timber Agreement, 2006, on 28 April 2015 bringing ITTO membership to seventy-one, the largest ever.

13 May 2015

Japanese SMEs increasingly looking to international markets as domestic demand wanes. Read the MIS report.

2015 CPF Wangari Maathai "Forest Champions" Award – nominations open

13 April 2015

New video from ITTO project on seedling production of native tree species in the Peruvian Amazon now available (Spanish only)

7 April 2015

New video from ITTO project on value-addition of NTFPs in Indonesia

1 April 2015

New reports from ITTO-funded projects now available

27 March 2015

CREDAI – nothing in Indian budget for real estate sector. Read the MIS report.

1-15 March 2015

China to phase out commercial logging in natural forests. Read the MIS report.

The ITTO-CITES Programme newsletter is now available.

Strike threatens US furniture sector. Read the MIS report.

Indonesian wood products fare well in Germany. Read the MIS report.

2 February 2015

Life cycle assessment for environmental product declaration of tropical African mahogany (khaya) lumber produced in Ghana now available

2 February 2015

International partners increase availability of forest products information and improve reliability of tropical timber statistics

30 January 2015

China’s ‘redwood’ imports close to 2 mil. cubic metres in 10 months. Read the MIS report.

16 January 2015

Call for abstracts and events for the XIV World Forestry Congress 2015 (WFC 2015)

14 January 2015

Red sanders auction delivers higher than expected income. Read the MIS report.

UNU-IAS/ITTO Policy Report on Strengthening Development in International-Local Institutional Linkages in REDD+: Lessons from Existing Forest-Carbon Initiatives is now available.

11 December 2014

ITTO shares its experiences to improve statistical data collection in South Africa

11 December 2014

Updated edition of the JICA-ITTO REDD plus booklet is now available

Up-date on Australian Government’s illegal logging laws. Read the MIS report.

ITTO bamboo revitalization project in Indonesia –PD 600/11 Rev.1 (M)- covered in the Jakarta Post

20 November 2014

25th Anniversary of the ITTO Fellowship Programme

18 November 2014

New video: “Partner with ITTO and shape the future of tropical forests” now available on the ITTO YouTube channel

Trade group calls on ITTO to develop a strategy to harness the experience and energy of the private sector. Read the MIS report.

Central African Republic Accedes to the ITTA, 2006

6 November 2014

Daily coverage of ITTC-50 by IISD Reporting Services.

4 November 2014

Insurance a grey area when it comes to Ebola. Read the MIS report.

3 November 2014

Paraná State develops Reverse Logistics Plan. Read the MIS report.

16 October 2014

Report on Strengthening the Capacity to Promote Efficient Wood Processing Technologies in Tropical Timber Producing Countries now available

2 October 2014

High stocks of imported timber drive down timber prices in China. Read the MIS report

FLEGT Independent Market Monitoring (IMM) and ITTO-CBD Collaborative Initiative for Tropical Forest Biodiversity brochures are now available

26 September 2014

ITTO annual report 2013 now available

New animation video “ITTO, making SFM of tropical forest a global reality” now available

19 September 2014

Imported timber must be verified legal. Read the MIS report.

17 September 2014

Chief Minister declares certification is the way forward for timber industry in Sarawak. Read the MIS report.

1 September 2014

Indonesia’s APHI calls for lifting ban on log exports. Read the MIS report.

18 August 2014

Europe's construction sector a globally significant market for wood products. Read the MIS report.

China’s international trade in wood processing machinery. Read the MIS report.

15 July 2014

Dr. Manoel Sobral Filho, former Executive Director of ITTO, appointed as Director of UNFF effective from 1 September 2014

30 June 2014

Plantations supply a third of all industrial roundwood. Read the MIS report.

30 June 2014

Attitudes towards legal timber in Japan. Read the MIS report.

16 June 2014

Brazilian exports via Pacific coast to become a reality. Read the MIS report.

Teak log prices collapse on heels of log export ban. Read more in the latest MIS report.

16 May 2014

Call for nominations for the sixth edition of the Ramsar Wetland Conservation Awards, deadline for nominations is 15 July 2014.

14 May 2014

TTJ Timber Innovation Award 2014, deadline to complete entry forms is 30 June 2014

9 May 2014

Press coverage of the International Forum on PES

8 May 2014

Key messages, summary and recommendations from the International Forum on PES are now available

24 April 2014

Commercial logging halted in Hinggan mountains. Read the latest MIS

Vietnam Accedes to the ITTA, 2006

Presentations at the International Forum of PES for Tropical Forest now available

17 April 2014

Nominations open for Collaborative Partnership on Forests (CPF) Wangari Maathai Award 2014​

15 April 2014

Reliance on timber imports of concern. Read the latest MIS report.

Suriname accedes to the ITTA, 2006

7 March 2014

Survey on know-how and technology needs in the forest industry conducted

21 February 2014

Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Timber Independent Market Monitoring

17 February 2014

Photos and presentations from the 49th Session of the ITTC are now available.

Legal timber, shifting crisis into opportunity

29 November 2013

International Tropical Timber Council back in Gabon after 15 years

26 November 2013

Presentations from ITTO-JICA side event at UNFCCC COP 19 now available.

Costa Rica becomes the 67th ITTO member

6 November 2013

Brazil becomes the 66th ITTO member

21 October 2013

ITTO project promotes better utilization of Peruvian Amazon forests

21 October 2013

CITES seeks assistance from importers of Madagascar timber

12 September 2013

Report of FAO/ITTO China statistics workshop available

ITTO fellow receives conservation award

17 September 2013

The 2012 ITTO Annual Report is now available

13 September 2013

ITTO project recognized for the quality of its research

20 August 2013

New Fellowship reports available

ITTO and Japan to support forest rehabilitation in Côte d’Ivoire

16 May 2013

FAO hosts International Conference on Forests for Food Security and Nutrition

8 May 2013

New CPF resources available online

30 April 2013

Project outputs on Peruvian bamboo (PD 428/06 Rev.2 (F)), Brazilian wood flooring (PD 433/06 Rev.3 (I)) and Indonesian sandalwood (PD 459/07 Rev.1 (F)) now available

24 April 2013

African magazine features ITTO Congo project

24 April 2013

Colombia becomes 66th country to ratify ITTA 2006

29 March 2013

New ITTO-CITES video on Prunus africana is available online

11 March 2013

New ITTO Publication available on Improving resilience of the tropical timber sector to the impacts of global and regional economic and financial crises

7 March 2013

ITTO and UNU-IAS report "Governing the Forests" is now available

6 February 2013

ITTO experience promoting credit schemes in the Peruvian Amazon highlighted in ETFRN News

17th January 2013

Outputs from PD448-07 "Sustainable Utilization and Marketing of Selected Non-Timber Forest Products to Support the Handicraft Industry and the Development of Rural Communities (The Philippines)" are now available

16 January 2013

Taking stock of CITES-listed tree species

8 January 2013

Australia supports tropical forest law enforcement

18 December 2012

WWF Tropical Forest Challenge announces best for-profit solutions for conserving tropical forest biodiversity

17 December 2012

Outputs from project PD 433/06 "Sustainable model for the Brazilian wood flooring production chain" are now available

14 November 2012


10 November 2012

Malaysia timber tracking workshop report now available

ITTO active at CBD COP 11

18 October 2012

Technical report on timber tracking and timber products tracking technologies now available

18 October 2012

Mexico combats climate change through SFM

10 October 2012

ITTO launches transboundary biodiversity conservation project in the Mekong River Basin between Thailand, Cambodia and Laos

1 October 2012

Reports on carbon accounting for tropical wood products now available

29 August 2012

The 2011 Annual Report is now available

15 August 2012

ITTO participates in IUFRO/FORNESSA Regional Congress

1 August 2012

Three reports for ITTO Project PD 512/08 “Industrial Utilization and Marketing of Ten Potential Timber Species from Secondary and Residual Primary Forests” now available.

18 July 2012

Project completion report and technical reports on managing and marketing of Mexican tropical timber species available

ITTO at Rio+20

25 June 2012

Indonesian ITTO project published articles on termite resistance of wood products

21 June 2011

Video on Ecuador’s forest statistics system available

11 June 2012

New book on ecosystem services highlights ITTO work

6 June 2012

CPF releases SFM Fact Sheets

5 June 2012

New research confirms SFM enhances conservation values in tropical forests

23 May 2012

Togo teak benches donated to Tohoku earthquake and tsunami affected area

ITTO Signs MOU with Chinese Academy of Forestry

21 May 2012

Project to provide training on SFM/biodiversity management launched in Africa. (Communique is available in French only)

16 May 2012

Sharing experiences on tracking

16 May 2012

CPF calls for nominations for new Wangari Maathai Award

10 May 2012

Note and Presentations on the results of PD 385/05 Rev.4 (I,F) "Industrialization, Marketing, and Sustainable Management of Ten Mexican Native Species" now available

8 May 2012

New vacancy announcement

Article on PD 384/05 Rev.3 (I) "Testing laboratory for the development of quality standards for Mexican primary and processed tropical forest products." now available

28 March 2012

Project reports from RED PD005-09 Rev.2 (F) ”Strengthening Guyana’s Capacity To Manage Forest Resources And Environmental Services Through Resources Assessment And Monitoring Changes In Deforestation And Degradation” now available

27 March 2012

Report of inter-C&I process workshop on global forest reporting available

21 March 2012

Online video/project report available on ITTO Project PD 233/03 "Application of intermediate technologies for sustainable forest harvesting" (In Spanish only)

16 February 2012

UN announces Forest Hero awards

10 February 2012

New project to support SFM, biodiversity conservation in Africa, latest initiative under joint ITTO/CBD program

25 January 2012

ITTO, BirdLife International agree to pursue common goals on tropical forests

24 January 2012

CPF issues press release on Rio+20

16 December 2011

Guangdong Province links investment in processing to investment in raw material supply

CPF press release on mountains and forests

15 December 2011

CPF calls for increased attention to forest ecosystem-based solutions ahead of Rio+20 Summit

2 December 2011

US$12.4 Million in New Funds for Tropical Forests

19 November 2011

CPF issues press release on markets

17 November 2011

Entry into force of new treaty high on Council agenda

14 November 2011

CPF issues press release on forest bioenergy

16 November 2011

CPF issues press release on ecotourism

28 September 2011

ITTO featured in Japanese press

1 September 2011

Ecuador promotes Yasuni Initiative

30 August 2011

CPF issues press release on abiotic disturbances to forests

9 August 2011

Holistic approach essential for tropical forestry, says ITTO

3 August 2018

Sustainable forest management needs “incentives revolution”, says Executive Director

25 July 2018

Tropical timber, bamboo and rattan could help bridge supply gap for environmentally friendly materials  

20 July 2018

Chinese timber companies commit to jointly develop the global green supply chain

9 July 2018

Asia regional meeting on CITES Tree Species Programme calls for more training on non-detriment findings

3 July 2018

ITTO assists Madagascar with plan for precious wood stockpiles

29 June 2018

ITTO strengthens cooperation with INBAR on sustainable management of bamboo and rattan


25 June 2018

International workshop on green timber supply chains opens in China

22 June 2018

Capacity building crucial for success of transboundary conservation areas—report  

31 May 2018

ITTO and Honduras sign project agreement on lesser-used timber species

16 April 2018

Bamboo treatment facility opens in Indonesia

4th April 2018

Investments in SFM, reforestation and restoration crucial for green economic development, says Executive Director

27 March 2018

Conference calls for more support for forestry training in Congo Basin

14 March 2018

International conference on forestry training in the Congo Basin opens

6th March 2018

Put wood to work for sustainable development, says major conference

2 March 2018

Address forest degradation to move forward on REDD+, says ITTO Executive Director

Productive forests, sustainable supply chains key to achieving sustainable development targets, says Dieterle

30 January 2018

Follow our social media posts of the “International Symposium on the Promotion of Deforestation-Free Global Supply Chains to Contribute to Halting Deforestation”

24 January 2018

Connect with ITTO in 2018!

05 January 2018

Green growth, landscape restoration and climate-change mitigation go hand-in-hand, says Dieterle

22 December 2017

Productive forests, sustainable supply chains can be cornerstone for tackling climate change

17 November 2017

Sustainable mangrove management an essential response to climate change

15 November 2017

ITTO shares its experience to improve forest data

1 November 2017

Forests as vital as food: international conference on forest governance opens

24 October 2017, Tokyo, Japan

Video raises awareness of threat to afrormosia in Ghana

ITTO strengthens cooperation with China on sustainable tropical timber

26 September 2017

ITTO releases latest Biennial Review of the World Timber Situation

Yokohama, Japan, 7 August 2017

ITTO and JICA strengthen collaboration on tropical forests

Tokyo, Japan, 27 July 2017

New global teak study released

Videos of mangrove presentations now available

23 June 2017

Workshop participants call for update of African guidelines

30 May 2017

Conference calls for more urgent action on mangroves

28 April 2017

Mangroves are key element of Bali tourism, says Vice Governor

19 April 2017

Celebrating the International Day of Forests: Sustainable charcoal in Côte d’Ivoire

21 March 2017

New study on timber tracking in Guatemala

8 March 2017

New manual for managing African mahogany plantations

28 February 2017

Workshop strengthens CITES implementation on trees

21 February 2017

New manual promotes trees on farms

16 December 2016

Managing tropical forest biodiversity across international borders

9 December 2016

Action by Peru to address forestry and timber trade issues. Read the MIS report.

Coastal forest services more valuable than cattle, concludes ITTO study

REDD+ capacity building essential for implementing Paris Agreement, say experts

24 November 2016

ITTO Officer-in-Charge features on “Biz Buzz Japan” TV program. Click here for further details and viewing schedule

22 November 2016

ITTO releases video on C&I for SFM as Paris Agreement enters into force

4 November 2016

New video on assigning economic value for wetlands

1 November 2016

ITTO and Korea Forest Service strengthen partnership

18 October 2016

ITTO–CITES Programme in the spotlight

7 October 2016

ITTO and TRAFFIC strengthen partnership

3 October 2016

ITTO releases new edition of C&I

13 September 2016

ITTO projects share experiences on timber tracking at APEC

18 August 2016

Tropical Forest Update goes mobile

Celebrating International Day of Mangroves with a new publication

26 July 2016

New videos on ecosystem services of the tropical coastal forests of the Gulf of Mexico

30 June 2016

ITTO contributes in strengthening integrated fire management in the tropical forests of Panama

23 June 2016

Keeping timber trade legal, Malaysia’s customs officers given a helping hand

13 May 2016

Indonesia and EU ready to move on FLEGT licensing

28 April 2016

Improving forest products statistics in the Caribbean

New publications to assist in restoring coastal forests in Mexico

13 April 2016

Vale Professor Duncan Poore, a giant of tropical forestry

6 April 2016

ITTO/CBD Collaborative Initiative convenes conference on biodiversity in Mekong subregion

5 April 2016

US$2.7 million pledged for tropical forests

24 March 2016

International Day of Forests 2016, celebrating forests and water

18 March 2016

ITTO and BirdLife International extend collaboration to 2020

7 March 2016

Creating a common vision for Africa on timber processing and trade

1 March 2016

Asia-Pacific forests require balance of conservation, use and trade

19 February 2016

New timber trade portal launched

14 January 2016

ITTO launches website on lesser-used tropical timber species

4 January 2016

New publications released on solid woodflooring

11 December 2015

Assessing ITTO forest restoration guidelines at Global Landscapes Forum

9 December 2015

Community forestry important for REDD+, say speakers at UNFCCC side-event

4 December 2015

Council announced US$3.7 million pledged for tropical forests, and it takes measures to increase transparency

22 November 2015

Tropical timber gets better rap in market place, and time is now right to raise its profile, says 2015 Annual Market Discussion

19 November 2015

51st session of International Tropical Timber Council begins in Kuala Lumpur

17 November 2015

Emmanuel Ze Meka departs ITTO after 24 years of service

5 November 2015

Europe's changing tropical timber trade, baseline report of the Independent Market Monitoring initiative

30 October 2015

ITTO at the 22nd CITES Plants Committee meeting: Protecting high-value tropical trees/timber species

28 October 2015

Women’s community group in Mexico shares knowledge on medicinal plants

16 October 2015

ITTO at the 6th International Wildland Fire Conference

7 October 2015

ITTO at the XIV World Forestry Congress

7 September 2015

First Regional Workshop on the ITTO Voluntary Guidelines for the Sustainable Management of Natural Tropical Forests

31 August 2015

ITTO releases 2013–2014 data on tropical timber

ITTO project aims at promoting SFM through REDD+ in Cambodia

28 July 2015

New video released on master plan for sustainable management of the Douala-Edea Wildlife Reserve

16 July 2015

ITTO and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) extend collaborative efforts to 2020 and Beyond

2 July 2015

New ITTO project video demonstrates implementation of a comprehensive electronic forest information system in Guatemala

23 June 2015

International symposium on illegal logging closes with call for consumers and producers to use legal timber

19 June 2015

ITTO releases new publication on impact of timber procurement policies

3 April 2015

ITTO and APFNet launch project to promote SFM in Sarawak

31 March 2015

ITTO releases two new publications on the International Day of Forests

20 March 2015

Japan funds US$1.4 million project to stimulate intra-African timber trade and sustainable management of African forests

2 March 2015

Better management of agarwood

20 February 2015

Sustaining agarwood

22 January 2015

US$8.3 Million in new funds pledged for tropical forests

8 November 2014

Changing market landscape for tropical timber

6 November 2014

50th Session of the International Tropical Timber Council opens

3 November 2014

Commitment renewed for tropical forest biodiversity

17 October 2014

ITTO, FAO and APFNet convene an Indo-China Regional Workshop on Forest Products Statistics

3 October 2014

ITTO releases an on-line project search tool; making knowledge available with a few clicks!

1 September 2014

Report on Environmental Product Declaration on meranti plywood in Indonesia and Malaysia

8 July 2014

ITTO and FAO launch a policy brief “Rewarding the service providers”

23 June 2014

New Fellowship Network

20 June 2014

New videos on sustainable management of CITES-listed timber species

8 May 2014

TTJ Timber Innovation Award 2014, deadline to complete entry forms is 30 June 2014

"Indicating Progress" feature publication assessing the application of C&I for SFM

24 April 2014

"Indicating Progress" Feature Publication Assessing the Application of C&I for SFM

24 April 2014

"Indicating Progress" Feature Publication Assessing the Application of C&I for SFM

24 April 2014

Presentations at the International Forum of PES for Tropical Forest now available

17 April 2014

ITTO and FAO highlight vast potential of payments for environmental services for conservation of tropical forests

11 April 2014

Forum to promote payments for environmental services kicks off in Costa Rica

7 April 2014

ITTO participates in the “Human-Earth Exhibition”

4 April 2014

ITTO promotes C&I in Benin & Mali

1 April 2014

International Day of Forests 2014

21 March 2014

ITTO Commits US$2.4 million in Project Funding to Improve Tropical Forest Law Enforcement, Trade and Marketing in Tropical Timber under its TFLET and TMT Thematic Programmes

6 March 2014

Labelling system for domestic furniture. Read the latest MIS report.

3 March 2014

ITTO approves US$2,384,518.00 in project funding under TFLET and TMT

3 March 2014

ITTO celebrates the World Wildlife Day (3 March) and the International Day of Forests (21 March)

14 February 2014

ITTO celebrates the World Wildlife Day (3 March) and the International Day of Forests (21 March)

14 February 2014

ITTO project recognized in Brazil

31 January 2014

FAO-ITTO statistical support for East Africa

28 January 2014

US$15.7 MIillion in new funds for tropical forests

30 November 2013

Environmental services and mangrove project, successes

28 November 2013

ITTO UNCCD COP-11 event emphasizes contribution of forests to degraded land restoration

1 October 2013

ITTO project improves efficiency and competitiveness of Brazil’s wood flooring industry

25 September 2013

ITTO and CITES enhance cooperation

23 August 2013

Latest statistics on tropical timber available

22 August 2013

ITTO assists CITES implementation in Central America

22 July 2013

ITTO Signs MOU with Secretariat of ASEAN-Korea Forest Cooperation (AFoCo)

28 June 2013

ITTO project leads to significant new funds for Amazon forest monitoring

12 June 2013


3 June 2013

Loss of a friend

10 May 2013

Additional outputs of projects PD 428/06 Rev.2 (F), PD 433/06 Rev.3 (I), and PD 459/07 Rev.1 (F) are now available

24 April 2013

ITTO helps to improve forest statistics in China

11 April 2013

ITTO at the World Teak Conference 2013

1 April 2013

Celebrating the International Day of Forests


International Day of Forests on 21st of March

21 March 2013

ITTO at Forest Day 6

3 December 2012

Japan’s youth need tropical forests

5 November 2012

ITTO supports REDD+ capacity building in Myanmar

8 November 2012

Historic meeting on tropical timber, forests underway

5 November 2012

Katsuhiro Kotari, eminent forester and friend to ITTO, passed away on December 25, 2011

27 December 2011

New accord for tropical forests enters into force

12 December 2011

ITTO signs MOU with UNCCD at COP 17 Side Event

8 December 2011

CPF issues press release on forest bioenergy

16 November 2011

ITTO celebrates 25th anniversary during International Year of Forests

28 October 2011

ITTO Executive Director attends First APEC Meeting of Ministers Responsible for Forestry in Beijing, China

6-8 September 2011

Senator Viana opens 2nd International Expert Meeting on SFM

22nd August 2011

ITTO and Marubeni sign Agreement for REDD+ feasibility study in Brazil

1 August 2011

Forest tenure debated in Indonesia

12 July 2011

ITTO signs with the Government of Gabon the Agreement for the implementation of the project “Operational Supportive System for Promoting the Further Processing of Timber in Five Countries of the Congo Basin”

17 June 2011

Status of Tropical Forest Management report released

9 June 2011

Programme document for ITTO-CBD collaborative initiative (ITTC Decision 6(XLV))now on-line. Deadline for time-bound no-objection procedure: August 31, 2011.

31 May 2011

ITTO signs MOU with APFNet in China

25 May 2011

CBD and CPF issue press release on International Day of Biodiversity

23 may 2011

CPF issues press release on community‐based forest management

25 April 2011

International Day for Biodiversity focuses on forest biodiversity -CBD outreach materials

19 April 2011

CPF issues press release on World Health Day 2011

6 April 2011

UNCCD provides information on forests and drylands

24 March 2011

CPF issues press release on forests and water

22 March 2011

CPF issues press release on International Women's Day

7 March 2011

Call for Proposals launched for Thematic Programmes on Reducing Deforestation and Forest Degradation and Enhancing Environmental Services in Tropical Forests (REDDES) and Trade and Market Transparency (TMT)

24 February 2011

CPF issues press release on community based forest management for International Year of Forests

20 February 2011

7&I reports on REDD collaboration with ITTO in Indonesia

18 February 2011

ITTO-supported bamboo center opens in Peru

14 February 2011

Communities from ITTO timber tracking study recognized

5 February 2011

The Manual on Utilization Techniques for Rattan Plantations in China is now available

25 January 2011

Two outputs from ITTO projects "A Field Guide to Philippine Rattans" and "The ASEAN Rattans" are now available

18 January 2011

Rare bay cat recorded in the extensions of Pulong Tau National Park

11 January 2011

US$16.8 million in new funds for tropical forests

18 December 2010

The 2010 Annual Market Discussion ‘Innovations and Technologies in Wood-based Industries'

17 December 2010

Tropical Forest Tenure Assessment report now available

16 December 2010

Daily coverage of the 46th ITTC Council Session by the Earth Negotiations Bulletin (ENB)

15 December 2010

Entry into force of new treaty high on Council agenda

13 December 2010

Presentations from ITTO’s side event at UNFCCC COP 16 now online

10 December 2010

ITTO, UNFF agree to pursue common goals on tropical forests

26 October 2010


22 October 2010

Partnership to sustain tropical forests launched

6 September 2010

The International Conference on Biodiversity in Transboundary Tropical Forests concludes

4 August 2010

Mangrove Atlas announcement

18 June 2010

The pros and cons of procurement

20 April 2010


31 March 2010

ITTO and FAO report "Forest law compliance and governance in tropical countries" now available

17 March 2010

ITTO and CBD sign MoU for sustaining forest biodiversity

2 March 2010

US$13.3 million in new funds for tropical forests

13 November 2009

Tropical timber markets at a crossroad

11 November 2009

Financial crisis, work programme on Council agenda

9 November 2009

The Forests Dialogue speaks up on REDD

15 October 2009

Partnership to conserve tropical forests launched

9 October 2009

Thematic Programmes generate interest

Thematic Programme (TFLET, REDDES) Autumn 2009 Cycle launched, Deadline 30 Sep. 2009

7 August 2009

Children targeted in new forest initiative

10 July 2009

Intra-African timber trade promoted

2 July 2009

Meeting on forest tenure finds Africa lagging

27 May 2009

Ghanaian exports to the US slump

28 February 2009

Loss of a friend

29 January 2009

US$8.6 million in new funds for tropical forests

8 November 2008

Thematic programs, action plan on council agenda

3 November 2008Yokohama, JAPAN

Daily coverage of the 44th ITTC Council Session by the Earth Negotiations Bulletin (ENB)

3 November 2008

ITTO Environmental Services projects: Call for nominations

23 October 2008

Meeting on Forests to Benefit Africa

11 June 2008Accra, Ghana

ITTO and City of Yokohama Commemorate TICAD with Ceremonial Tree Planting

29 May 2008Yokohama

Spotlight on tropical forests’ climate change role

25 April 2008YOKOHAMA, JAPAN

ITTO's Executive Director addresses Yokohama City Council

20th December 2007

Mr. Ze Meka speaks at UNFCCC CoP13 in Bali

17 December 2007Bali, Indonesia

Governor of Amazonas State visits ITTO

20 November 2007Yokohama, Japan

ITTO to hold high-level meeting in Ghana

12 November 2007Yokohama, Japan

US$10.1 million in new funds for tropical forests

10 November 2007Yokohama, Japan

Daily coverage of the 43rd ITTC Council Session by the Environmental News Bulletin (ENB)

06 November 2007

New Work Program, Action Plan on Council Agenda

5 November 2007Yokohama, Japan

ITTO Executive Director Mr. Ze Meka's Opening Remarks and Videos of the Opening Session of 43rd Council Session are online

5 November 2007Yokohama, Japan

New ITTO program to benefit from multi-million dollar contribution from the Netherlands

17 October 2007Yokohama, Japan

Community forest enterprises in poor nations call for level field in use of forest lands and access to world markets

21 July 2007Rio Branco, Brazil

ITTC appoints new Executive Director

June 2007Yokohama, Japan

US$5.3 million in new funds for tropical forests

12 May 2007Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

ITTO releases 20 year report

7 May 2007Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

US$5.4 million in new funds for tropical forests

11 November 2006Yokohama, Japan

ITTO launches new multilingual website

7 November 2006Yokohama, Japan

Tropical deforestation, wildlife trafficking on Council agenda

6 November 2006Yokohama, Japan

Status of Tropical Forest Management report launched in Council

2 June 2006Mérida, Mexico

Most Extensive Survey Ever of World's Remaining Tropical Forests Reveals Upward Trend in "Sustainable" Management Yet 95 Percent of Tropical Forests Remain at Risk

25 May 2006Mexico City, Mexico

New forest treaty agreed

31 January 2006Yokohama, Japan

US$13 million in new funds for tropical forests

12 November 2005Yokohama, Japan

ITTO, IUCN launch forest restoration manual

8 November 2005Yokohama, Japan

Demand for development will affect Guyanese forests - Minister

7 November 2005Yokohama, Japan

New ITTA to dominate session

7 November 2005Yokohama, Japan

ITTO grants US$7.6 million for tropical forests

21 June 2005Brazzaville, Republic of Congo

ITTO reinforces commitment to forest law enforcement and combating illegal logging

21 June 2005Brazzaville, Republic of Congo

Meeting on forests to benefit Congolese

18 June 2005Brazzaville, Republic of Congo

Legality shapes as new certification flash-point

25 April 2005Yokohama, Japan

ITTO commits another US$10 million for tropical forests

20 December 2004Yokohama, Japan

ITTO adopts 'simpler' criteria and indicators

18 December 2004Yokohama, Japan

Mutual respect will help solve divisive forest issues, says Council Chair

13 December 2004Yokohama, Japan

Council pledges US$6 million for new tropical forest projects and activities

24 July 2004Interlaken, Switzerland

Trade, civil-society organizations agree on measures to combat illegal logging

23 July 2004Interlaken, Switzerland

Patience needed in pursuit of sustainable timber says trade

22 July 2004Interlaken, Switzerland

Promote trade in sustainably produced timber - ITTO

20 July 2004Interlaken, Switzerland

ITTO awards first grant to civil-society/private-sector partnership

10 June 2004Yokohama, Japan

Trade/environment alliances forged at ITTO mahogany workshop

31 May 2004Yokohama, Japan

Leading companies show that sustainable forest management is possible

20 April 2004Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

ITTO-backed community group wins sustainable development award

12 March 2004Tuguegarao, The Philippines

China considers accounting for forest benefits

9 March 2004Beijing, China

DENR should re-assume responsibility for forest fire suppression - ITTO report

18 February 2004Yokohama, Japan

Civil society group wants greater role for communities in forest-based development

8 November 2003Yokohama, Japan

Tropical timber trade speaks on downturn, illegal activities, new agreement

8 November 2003Yokohama, Japan

Council delivers a further US$7.6 million for field action in tropical forests

8 November 2003Yokohama, Japan

Ghana initiative changes perceptions on tropical timber

7 November 2003Yokohama, Japan

Indian timber market emerges as prospect and challenge for tropical timber sector

5 November 2003Yokohama, Japan

ITTO identifies causes of trade data discrepancies

3 November 2003Yokohama, Japan

Illegal logging in Peru blamed on bureaucracy, poverty

7 July 2003Yokohama, Japan

Council adds US$4.9 million for action in tropical forests

17 May 2003Panama City, Panama

Tropical timber producers fret about new regulations

14 May 2003Panama City, Panama

Changing the landscape of international forest policy

14 May 2003Panama City, Panama

ITTO to finance more work on sustainable forest management

12 May 2003Panama City, Panama

Transboundary parks lauded for peace, conservation benefits

4 March 2003Gland, Switzerland and Yokohama, Japan (IUCN/ITTO)

ITTO commits more resources to sustainable forest management

9 November 2003Yokohama, Japan

Tropical countries get help on forest fires

9 November 2002Yokohama, Japan

New forest partnerships aim to strengthen forest management in the tropics

9 November 2002Yokohama, Japan

Chairman calls for partnerships between civil society and concessionaires

4 November 2002Yokohama, Japan

ITTO showcases tropical forest success stories

27 August 2002Johannesburg, South Africa

Cameroon minister praises ITTO support for Yaoundé process

28 June 2002Yaoundé, Cameroon

ITTO must do more to combat illegal timber trade and enforce forest laws: Brazil's Minister of Environment and Forests

27 May 2002Yokohama, Japan

Should a phased approach be taken to certification?

18 May 2002Denpasar, Indonesia

ITTO pursues forest restoration

18 May 2002Denpasar, Indonesia

ITTO takes action in Africa

18 May 2002Denpasar, Indonesia

ITTO finances further forest action

18 May 2002Denpasar, Indonesia

Cooperation for tropical timber certification urged

16 May 2002Denpasar, Indonesia

President Megawati calls for more international cooperation on forests

13 May 2002Denpasar, Indonesia

ITTO to meet on forest restoration, mangroves, Congo Basin

9 May 2002Denpasar, Indonesia

Challenging the conventional wisdom

9 May 2002Denpasar, Indonesia

ITTO convenes international mangrove workshop

28 February 2002Yokohama, Japan

ITTO to host certification workshop

28 February 2002Yokohama, Japan

Japan, Switzerland, US back major gorilla sanctuary

5 December 2001Yokohama, Japan

Timber trade applauds action on market issues

5 November 2001Yokohama, Japan

ITTO gets new plan of action

3 November 2001Yokohama, Japan

ITTO pledges US$9 million for tropical forests

3 November 2001Yokohama, Japan

Council launches new initiatives on forest law enforcement

3 November 2001Yokohama, Japan

ITTO mission 'recommended Indonesian log export ban'

30 October 2001Yokohama, Japan

Action urged on illegal logging and illegal trade

29 October 2001Yokohama, Japan

ITTO puts the case for open market access

3 September 2001Yokohama, Japan

ITTO to send mission to Congo Basin

2 June 2001Yaoundé, Cameroon

ITTO project will combat illegal logging in Indonesia

2 June 2001Yaoundé, Cameroon

ITTO to help producers develop certification

2 June 2001Yaoundé, Cameroon

Trade calls for timber campaign

31 May 2001Yaoundé, Cameroon

ITTO and ATO strengthen ties

29 May 2001Yaoundé, Cameroon

African ministers call for more action on certification

28 May 2001Yaoundé, Cameroon

Forestry experts urge logging training in Africa

27 May 2001Yaoundé, Cameroon

Heads of African forestry to consult on sustainable forest management

18 May 2001Yokohama, Japan

Workshop will promote better logging practice in Africa

17 May 2001Yokohama, Japan

ITTO backs west African gorilla sanctuary

10 April 2001Yokohama, Japan

ITTO plans new action agenda

7 March 2001Yokohama, Japan

New assessment tool for forest restoration

13 February 2001Yokohama, Japan

Upgrading the degraded: forest restoration receives boost

5 February 2001Yokohama, Japan

ITTO report finds improvements in tropical forest management

14 December 2000Yokohama, Japan

Illegal logging: reinforce existing reserves first

14 December 2000Yokohama, Japan

Experts review criteria and indicators processes

24 November 2000Yokohama, Japan

Burning bricks to help solve Cameroon's fuelwood problem

20 November 2000Yokohama, Japan

ITTO to send mission to Indonesia

4 November 2000Yokohama, Japan

Indonesia wants ITTO to address illegal logging

30 October 2000Yokohama, Japan

Africa struggles to increase timber processing

26 October 2000Yokohama, Japan

ITTO membership expands

3 October 2000Yokohama, Japan

New outlook study launched

3 October 2000Yokohama, Japan

ITTO offers support for African initiative

20 September 2000Yokohama, Japan

ITTO project to seek new funds for sustainable forest management

20 September 2000Yokohama, Japan

ITTO acts to protect tree genes

20 September 2000Yokohama, Japan

Transboundary reserves receive US$2 million boost

30 May 2000Lima, Peru

Annual Report 2008

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