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The ITTO Tropical Timber Market (TTM) Report, an output of the ITTO Market Information Service (MIS), is published in English every two weeks with the aim of improving transparency in the international tropical timber market. The TTM provides market trends and trade news from around the world, as well as indicative prices for over 400 tropical timber and added-value products.



16-30 April 2018

Top story

Indonesia - Largest supplier of hardwood plywood to US

US hardwood plywood imports fell to 173,179 cu.m in February as imports from most countries declined. The largest fall was in shipments from China and Russia. While volumes have been falling the value of imports are rising as prices climb.

US imports from Vietnam and Cambodia gained after the US introduced antidumping and countervailing duties on Chinese hardwood plywood. In terms of volume, Indonesia has replaced China as the largest supplier of hardwood plywood to the US.

  • Ghana endorses the Africa Free Trade Agreement
  • Regional forestry training centre for Myanmar
  • Indian traders still cannot get adequate bank credit to sustain imports
  • Structure of Indian plywood sector changing
  • Improved domestic furniture sales in Brazil
  • China to reduce tax on imported logs and to halt wood reside imports
  • Market role of EUTR and FLEGT licensing discussed
  • Affordability and supply affecting US housing market



  Data snapshot

      Skyrocketing plywood prices


Export prices of South East Asian plywood continue to climb. With strict control of harvests log production has fallen sharply especially in Sarawak a major source of plywood for the Japanese market. The Japan Lumber Reports says “Log production seems to have dropped more than half of normal pace with no sign of recovery”. 

In 2017 around Malaysia accounted for just over half of Japan’s plywood imports followed by Indonesia (35%) and China (6%) with the balance coming from a host of suppliers.

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