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Towards greater transparency in the tropical timber markets

The ITTO Tropical Timber Market (TTM) Report, an output of the ITTO Market Information Service (MIS), is published in English every two weeks with the aim of improving transparency in the international tropical timber market. The TTM provides market trends and trade news from around the world, as well as indicative prices for over 400 tropical timber and added-value products.



16-30 April 2010

Top story

Dumping allegations

It is reported that the Sarawak Timber Association (STA) and the Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation (STIDC) will jointly prepare a position paper to refute allegations on behalf of some of the plywood exporters from the State allegedly dumping their plywood in South Korea. The South Korean Trade Commission (KTC) had opened an investigation after receiving a petition from the Korean Wood Panel Association that some plywood manufacturers in Malaysia are selling their products below the production cost. Another dumping case is proceeding in Australia. In December 2009, the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service signalled its intension to investigate the alleged dumping of plywood exported to Australia from Brazil, Chile, China and Malaysia. Recently, the Australian authorities requested an extension of the deadline for the publication of the statement of essential facts (SEF) from initial date of 23 March 2010 to 21 June 2010. The delay was issued to ensure the participation of various parties to supply information (see details on page 4).

Also in this issue

  • Gabon’s decision on export policy pending
  • Ghanaian Government asked to review its trade policy
  • Revival of Indian housing sector
  • Brazilian furniture sector expands sales to UAE
  • Building capacity to commercialize LUS in Guyana
  • Imported plywood supply remains tight in Japan
  • Russia – China trade active
  • European hardwood decking market picks up
  • US and Canada construction markets firming

Data snapshot

EU Economic Sentiment Indicator


The EU Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs conducts regular surveys of different sectors of the economies in the European Union (EU).

Sectors surveyed include manufacturing sector, services, retail trade and construction sectors, as well as consumer sentiment. These surveys allow comparisons among different countries’ business cycles and have become an indispensable tool for monitoring the evolution of the EU and the euro area economies.

In March, the Economic Sentiment Indicator (ESI) improved significantly, reaching 99.6 (+2.0 points) in the EU and 97.7 (+1.8) in the euro area. After the levelling off in the index in February, the upward trend appears to have regained momentum. The ESI is now close to its long-term average, albeit it will still require further improvement for the economic activity to reach its pre-crisis level.


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