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16-28 February 2010

Top story

Ideas on log export quota floated

The news from Gabon is of a series of meetings between industry and government focusing on proposals for the future trading of sawnwood and logs and how government revenues from the sector can be maintained.

Ideas have been floated for very tight controls on log inputs to processing mills and for a log export allowance.

Proposals are for 60% of log production to be processed with 40% being permitted for export for 2010, for 2011 the proportion proposed would be 75% - 35% and for 2012 the proportions would change to 80% of log production to be processed and the balance 20% approved for export as logs.

There has also been a discussion of a limit on total log exports, possibly at 1.2 mil. cu.m in 2010 reducing to 800,000 cu.m by 2012. These proposals have been put to government and are now under consideration.

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Data snapshot

Ghana wood product exports 2009


Wood product exports from Ghana in 2009 totalled Euro 128.23 mil. Primary wood products earned Euro 12.61mil., secondary products Euro 107.49 mil., while exports of tertiary products generated Euro 8.13 mil.

Ghana’s export of wood products to other African countries totalled Euro 52.68 mil. or around 41% of the total value of wood exports in 2009.

Compared to the export performance in 2008, in 2009 there was a steep decline (-31%) in the total value of exports. Export earning from veneers were down some 60%, the value of lumber exports was down around 28% and processed product exports dropped around 40%. The only exception was with exports of plywood, for which the value of exports was marginally greater than in 2008.

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