Workshop on Forest Products Statistics in China


日付・会場: 2013年4月1日~3日、中国、海南

ITTO will co-sponsor a national statistical workshop with FAO in Hainan, China. The workshop will be co-hosted by the Asia-Pacific Network for Sustainable Forest Management and Rehabilitation (APFNet, The purposes of the workshop will be to improve the collection, analysis and dissemination of forestry statistics as well as to solve statistical issues and discrepancies in reporting forest products output and trade. Invited participants will include representatives from China’s most important forestry provinces, China’s State Forestry Administration, the Chinese Academy of Forestry, the National Statistical Office, the Chinese National Poplar Commission, and China Timber and Paper Associations. A field trip in Hainan will be organized on the 3rd of April.


Steve Johnson
Jean-Christophe Claudon