16-28 February 2014

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Labelling system for domestic furniture
The Japan Furniture Industry Development Association has established a new ‘labelling’ system for domestically made furniture. The aim is to generate higher sales of locally made furniture.
To meet the criteria for labelling manufacturers must be implementing a raw material chain of custody system such as that of FSC, PEFC and SGEC, or have a supplier’s certificate verifying the legality of the wood raw material.



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  • Myanmar revises deadline for export log payments
  • Arbitrary tax structure weakening Brazilian forest sector
  • Bank of Guyana reports increased loans to forestry sector
  • China’s forestry “go global” accelerating
  • Signs of revival in European wooden furniture manufacturing
  • European furniture shows highlight continuing strong fashion for oak
  • Canada and US partnership develops EPDs for MDF and particleboard

Data snapshot

German buildings permits (thousands units)

German buildings permits
Source: Federal Statistical Office, Germany


German housing market is warming up
The euro area housing market is extremely diverse, and does not respond as a single market, but rather as independent economies. The German housing market is warming up after a decade and house prices and construction activity are increasing because record low interest rates are encouraging house purchases.