Actualités des Forêts Tropicales

Looking for the positives

We bid farewell to 2020 with little regret—it has been an unusually difficult year for most, including in the tropical forest sector. But even in these grimmest of times, there is cause for optimism. With the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration upon us, the latest edition of the TFU presents stories about restoring and sustainably using forests. We look forward to 2021 in solidarity and hope.


  • Editorial

  • From the Executive Director

     par Dieterle
    ITTO is well-placed to help countries shift to greener, more inclusive economies by restoring and sustainably managing tropical forests and benefiting from their sustainable products and ecosystem services.
  • Vacancy announcement—ITTO Executive Director

  • Cocoa warms to REDD+ in Ghana

     par Oduro, Damnyag and Foli
    An ITTO project has helped develop sustainable options for REDD+ outside forest reserves, with a focus on local livelihoods and shade-grown cocoa.
  • Putting teak in the right place

     par Htoo, Trisurat, Hlaing, Naing Oo,Ma and Yanuariadi
    An ITTO project has conducted a first assessment of suitable areas for teak plantation establishment in Myanmar’s Bago Yoma region.
  • The future is NOW

     par Kanashiro
    This unexpected pandemic shows the need to increase resilience in tropical forests, communities and the forest sector—and the time to do it is now.
  • Creating forest from wasteland

     par Dugaya, Singh Rana, Singh Negi, Pratap Singh and Chaudhry
    A study reveals that an ecosystem restoration endeavour in Bhopal, India, has turned degraded dry scrub into a vibrant urban forest.
  • Council reviews impacts of pandemic on tropical forest sector

     par ITTO Secretariat
    The Chairperson of the 56th Session of the International Tropical Timber Council says that ITTO is well-placed to assist the tropical forest sector recover from the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Fellowship report

     par Saha Tchinda and Ndikontar
    Wood chemists in Cameroon have produced a promising composite product combining ayous and iroko wood waste with recycled polyvinyl chloride.
  • Market trends

     par Adams
    How quickly will timber export markets recover?
  • Tropical and topical

     par Sato
  • Recent editions

     par Sato
  • Meetings

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