Actualités des Forêts Tropicales

Balancing act

Sustainably managing forests, creating sustainable supply chains and ensuring that local resource owners and managers obtain fair remuneration for their efforts requires a balancing act. The margins are always likely to be slim in sustainable forest management—even the fastest-growing forests take years to reach harvestable age, and the world still seems a considerable distance away from fully paying for the essential ecosystem services that forests provide. Yet the need for sustainable forest management is growing increasingly urgent—articles in this edition show that organizations and local people are finding smarter ways to get the balance right.


  • From the Executive Director

     par Dieterle
    Adding economic value to conserve and expand tropical forests.
  • When timber crosses the border

     par Chen Hin Keong
    ITTO has joined forces with TRAFFIC and the World Customs Organization to develop guidelines for use by customs officers in verifying timber trade legality.
  • The bamboo-weaving women of Bali

     par Ekawati, Khotimah and Yuniati
    A traditional handicraft among women has become an important commercial product, improving livelihoods and boosting efforts towards sustainable forest management.
  • Seeking sustainability in the Sungai Medihit watershed

     par Yanuariadi
    A recently completed project in the Malaysian state of Sarawak has helped Kelabit and Penan communities develop new sustainable livelihood strategies.
  • Act now on forests—or suffer later

    An FAO outlook study for the Asia-Pacific region urges the forest sector to take immediate action at the landscape scale to avert environmental catastrophe.
  • Fellowship report

     par Vroh, Koné and Adou Yao
    An ITTO Fellowship enabled a study of the ecological and social value of a timber production system in the Téné gazetted forest in Côte d’Ivoire.
  • Market trends

     par Adams
    Western markets claw their way back to growth, but expansion slows in Asia.
  • Tropical and topical

     par Sato
  • Recent editions

     par Sato
  • Meetings

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