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Pour plus de transparence sur les marchés des bois tropicaux

Le rapport TTM sur le secteur commercial des bois tropicaux est un produit du Service d'information sur le marché (MIS) de l'OIBT. Publié en anglais tous les quinze jours, il a pour objectif d'améliorer la transparence du marché international des bois tropicaux. Le TTM informe sur les tendances et les échanges au plan mondial, en indiquant également les prix de plus de 400 essences tropicales et produits à valeur ajoutée d'origine tropicale.


16-30 September 2017

Top story

Rise in Japan’s log and sawnwood exports

In the first six months of this year Japan exported almost 480,000 cubic metres of logs, up over 50% year on year. Sawnwood exports jumped almost 60% to around 63,000 cubic metres in the same period.

China was the largest buyer of Japanese logs and the Philippines became one of the major buyers of sawnwood.

Importers in Taiwan P.o.C have expressed interest in Japanese plywood, LVL and CLT. Japanese sawnwood is exported to the US where it is used as a substitute for western red cedar for fencing.

Also in this issue

  • Dip in African log FOB prices – a short term adjustment say producers
  • Ghana’s domestic market starved of wood says local association
  • Demise of furniture making in South Africa
  • Indonesian furniture industry struggles to secure raw rattan
  • Massive ancient teak tree discovered in Myanmar
  • Zero deforestation and income generation achieved in high risk Brazilian forest reserve
  • Tropical and Chinese suppliers claw back EU furniture market share
  • Amazon enters US retail market for large furniture items


Data snapshot

On-line furniture sales surging

Data source: CSIL

CSIL, the Milan based furniture market research specialist, has release a report “E-commerce for the furniture industry”.

This says e-commerce accounts for 4% of the global furniture sales but, while global furniture consumption increased by 1.3% between 2012-2016, on-line sales grew at 15% annually.

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