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Pour plus de transparence sur les marchés des bois tropicaux

Le rapport TTM sur le secteur commercial des bois tropicaux est un produit du Service d'information sur le marché (MIS) de l'OIBT. Publié en anglais tous les quinze jours, il a pour objectif d'améliorer la transparence du marché international des bois tropicaux. Le TTM informe sur les tendances et les échanges au plan mondial, en indiquant également les prix de plus de 400 essences tropicales et produits à valeur ajoutée d'origine tropicale.


1-15 September 2018

Top story

China-Europe railway linked to Chengdu timber distribution centre

The China-Europe Express (CR Express) train connects 48 Chinese cities with over 40 cities in 14 European countries and is becoming a fast-track cargo option for Chinese importers.
Over the past 7 years the service has clocked 1,000 trips taking Chinese manufactured goods to Europe while bringing back European food, machinery as well as timber raw materials.

  • Timber industry transformation plan for Sarawak
  • Multi-Stakeholders Group for VPA negotiations in Myanmar
  • India’s GST  - one year on
  • Brazilian timber sector supports revival of construction sector
  • Minister - a significant part of Peru’s Amazon forest can be commercially utilised
  • Double disaster rocks Japan
  • China’s tropical log imports jumped 22% in the first quarter
  • Indonesia boosts share of EU tropical joinery Imports
  • US considers additional tariffs on China – wood products included


Demurrage can be avoided

Data source: AGI Ghana

Demurrage costs run into millionsContainer demurrage
has become an issue in Ghana as large payments are
involved. Keeping a container beyond the contracted period
attracts charges. A 2016 study found 85% of containers
shipped to Ghana attract demurrage.


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