Servicio de Información sobre el Mercado

Por una mayor transparencia en los mercados de maderas tropicales

El informe de la OIMT sobre el Mercado de Maderas Tropicales (MMT), producido por el Servicio de Información sobre el Mercado (SIM) de la OIMT, se publica quincenalmente en inglés con el fin de aumentar la transparencia en el mercado internacional de las maderas tropicales. El MMT describe las tendencias del mercado y brinda información actualizada sobre el comercio de todo el mundo, así como los precios indicativos de más de 400 productos de madera tropical y de valor agregado.

16-31 January 2018

Top story

Cameroon raises log export duties

The log export tax has been raised in Cameroon and producers have immediately raised FOB asking prices. Only over the coming weeks will a clear picture emerge of how buyers are responding.
Previously the authorities in Cameroon were considering an export quota system similar to that adopted by the Republic of Congo but there were concerns this could lead to a reduction in revenues from the forestry sector.
So far there has been little effect on sawnwood FOB prices with most producers in the region proposing prices which are only slightly above levels before the log export tax increase.. 

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  • Recover of Brazil’s furniture sector some way off say analysts
  • Peru’s wood product exports fall for the third consecutive year
  • Japan’s wood products exports climbing
  • Mood of optimism pervades European trade shows
  • US furniture market outlook positive



Data snapshot

Turn-around in plywood prices in Japan


At last prices moving up
Having flat-lined for almost all of 2017 wholesale plywood prices are now surging in Japan. The wholesale price of 2.4 mm thin ply has jumped 20% in 3 months and prices for 11.5mm floor base are up about 10%.
Shippers in Malaysia and Indonesia have pushed up FOB prices taking advantage of firming demand in Japan.
The Japan Lumber Report says supplies of both domestic and imported plywood are tight and that stocks of thin panels and floor base panels have fallen due to strong demand.

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