Servicio de Información sobre el Mercado

Por una mayor transparencia en los mercados de maderas tropicales

El informe de la OIMT sobre el Mercado de Maderas Tropicales (MMT), producido por el Servicio de Información sobre el Mercado (SIM) de la OIMT, se publica quincenalmente en inglés con el fin de aumentar la transparencia en el mercado internacional de las maderas tropicales. El MMT describe las tendencias del mercado y brinda información actualizada sobre el comercio de todo el mundo, así como los precios indicativos de más de 400 productos de madera tropical y de valor agregado.

1-15 July 2008

Top story

More than 9 million trees planted in Mexico

The National Forestry Agency CONAFOR reported that 9.34 million trees were planted on 5 July 2008 by over 507,000 people during a tree planting event. The Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources, Juan Elvira Quesada, said the event lasted 14 hours with 31 Mexican states participating. Of the total number of trees planted, 71% were in rural areas, while 29% were in urban areas. The states of Chiapas and Puebla recorded the highest numbers of trees planted. Pine, cedro and mesquite were the most popular tree species planted.

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  • FELDA to establish oil palm plantations in the Amazon
  • Latin American furniture consumption sustains Brazil’s exports
  • Changes to Peru’s forest law encourage forest planting
  • Guyana workshop helps participants apply ITTO C&I
  • Tokyo traders see downturn in markets
  • China’s forestry outputs leap 17.6% in value during 2007
  • European biofuels may divert wood supply from traditional industries

Data snapshot

Types of wood-based panels produced in 2007


According to the latest news issued by the State Forestry Administration (SFA), China’s outputs of forestry and major forest products rose significantly in 2007. The total forestry output value of the nation reached RMB1.25 trillion yuan, up RMB188.12 billion yuan or 17.66% over the last year.

A total of 88.38 million m³ of wood-based panels was produced in 2007, up 18.98% over the previous year. Of the total output, 2.42 million m³ or 2.74% was made with tropical timber; plywood outputs reached 35.61 million m³, accounting for 40.3%; fiberboard outputs were about 27.30 million m³ (of which, approximately 24.99 million m³ was MDF), amounting to 30.89%; particleboard outputs were 8.29 million m³, making up 9.38%; outputs of other wood-based panels were 17.1809 million m³ (of which 77.07% was block board), accounting for 19.44% of the total.

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