Servicio de Información sobre el Mercado

Por una mayor transparencia en los mercados de maderas tropicales

El informe de la OIMT sobre el Mercado de Maderas Tropicales (MMT), producido por el Servicio de Información sobre el Mercado (SIM) de la OIMT, se publica quincenalmente en inglés con el fin de aumentar la transparencia en el mercado internacional de las maderas tropicales. El MMT describe las tendencias del mercado y brinda información actualizada sobre el comercio de todo el mundo, así como los precios indicativos de más de 400 productos de madera tropical y de valor agregado.

16-31 May 2014

Top story

Brazilian exports via Pacific coast to become a reality
The government of Mato Grosso do Sul has invested US$13.7 million in the construction of two bridges to connect Porto Murtinho and Caracol in Brazil to Vallemy and São Carlos in neighbouring Paraguay.
These bridges will facilitate exports from Brazil via ports in Chile. The new route will be some 900 km shorter than the 2,700 km. route that crosses Bolivia. 


Also in this issue

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  • VPA could be signed by Malaysia in 2015
  • Products manufactured from logs purchased in Myanmar Kyats can exported
  • Indian plywood prices rise as availability of gurjan veneer falls
  • Fifth straight drop in Japan’s consumer confidence index
  • Value of EU construction forecast to fall in 2014
  • Increased funding requested to enforce Lacey Act

Data snapshot

Ratio of Architects to Population

Data source: Eurostat


The EU imported wooden doors worth €275 million in 2013, 2.8% less than in 2012. Imports from China, the largest non-EU supplier, fell 6.8% to €88.5 million in 2013.

However imports increased from Indonesia and Malaysia - the second and third largest non-EU suppliers. Imports from Indonesia rose 2.6% to €75.4 million in 2013. Imports from Malaysia were up 6.3% at €38 million.

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