Servicio de Información sobre el Mercado

Por una mayor transparencia en los mercados de maderas tropicales

El informe de la OIMT sobre el Mercado de Maderas Tropicales (MMT), producido por el Servicio de Información sobre el Mercado (SIM) de la OIMT, se publica quincenalmente en inglés con el fin de aumentar la transparencia en el mercado internacional de las maderas tropicales. El MMT describe las tendencias del mercado y brinda información actualizada sobre el comercio de todo el mundo, así como los precios indicativos de más de 400 productos de madera tropical y de valor agregado.

1-15 March 2018

Top story

Delays in VAT refund and shipping issues undermine Rougier finances

Rougier International, with timber businesses in Gabon, Republic of Congo, Central African Republic and Cameroon is facing extreme financial problems.
French media sources quote two main causes, Rougier is owed euro 8 million in VAT credit by Cameroon and another euro 7.6 million by the Republic of Congo and Gabon. This, along with serious problems with shipping out of Douala Port, has crippled the company.
The issue of VAT refunds is a long outstanding problem for all businesses in Gabon (and other countries in the region) but there are no signs of governments addressing this.

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Data snapshot

EU plywood imports down 7% in 2017

Source: ITTO IMM analysis of Eurostat COMEXT

Declining plywood imports were due entirely to lower arrivals of the ‘other hardwood’ plywood category. Part of this was likely due to a revision of customs product codes in 2017, which saw a large number of species previously labelled ‘other hardwoods’ now identified as ‘tropical’.
In 2017 exports of tropical plywood to the EU exceeded those from Indonesia and Malaysia. This is almost entirely due to the HS product code reclassification, as Chinese ‘mixed red hardwood’ plywood was most affected.

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