Evaluations précédents

December 2009

Performance Evaluation of Export Wood Furniture in relation to Strength and End-use Applications Using Established Test Standard - PD 35/99 Rev.4 (I)

December 2009

The Integration of Forest-based Development in the Western Amazon - Phase II - Technology for Sustainable Utilization of Raw Forest Materials - PD 94/90 Rev.3 (I)

December 2009

Community Forest Product Processing in the Puerto Dias Extractive Reserve - PD 46/97 Rev.3 (I)

December 2009

Training in Reduced Impact Logging in Guyana - PD 68/01 Rev.2 (I)

December 2009

Promoting Sustainable Utilization of Bamboo through Community Participation in Sustainable Forest Management - PD 146/02 Rev.1 (I)

5 février 2009

Overall Evaluation of ITTO Projects on Community Participation in Sustainable Forest Management (Bolivia, Ghana, Panama, Peru, Philippines and Togo) - PD 44/99 Rev.2 (F); PD 48/98 Rev.1 (F); PD 49/98 Rev.1 (F); PD 37/95 Rev.2 (F); PD 38/99 Rev.1 (F); PD 21/97 Rev.2 (F); PD 9/99 Rev.2 (F)

Implementación del Plan de Manejo de la Comunidad Chiquiacá-Orozas en Tarija, Bolivia - PD 44/99 Rev.2 (F)

Aménagement durable et participatif des ressources forestières de la forêt classée de Missahoé et des collectivités villageoises environnantes en vue d’une production optimale de bois d’œuvre (Kpalimé, Togo) - PD 9/99 Rev. 2 (F)

Participatory Tropical Forest Development by Women in Indigenous Communities (Ghana) - PD 49/98 Rev.1 (F)

Manejo de Cativales y Productos no Maderables con Comunidades Campesinas e Indígenas, Darién, Panamá - PD 37/95 Rev.2 (F)

Manejo Forestal Comunal Demostrativo en los Bosques Naturales de Neblina en la Cuenca Urumba, San Ignacio (Perú) - PD 38/99 Rev.1 (F,I)

Reforestation of the Abutia Plains by Indigenous Communities in the Volta Basin (Ghana) - PD 48/98 Rev.1 (F)

Developing tropical forest resources through community-based forest management, Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines - PD 21/97 Rev. 2 (F)

Summary Report of the Ex-post Evaluation of 5 Projects in the Field of Rehabilitation and Management of Degraded and Secondary Forests - PD 30/97 Rev.6 (F); PD 14/98 Rev.1; PD 49/99 Rev.2 (F); PD 51/99 Rev.2 (F); PD 122/01 Rev.1 (F)

Improved and Diversified Use of Tropical Plantation Timbers in China to Supplement Diminishing Supplies from Natural Forests - PD 69/01 Rev.2 (I)

Sustainable Management and Utilization of Sympodial Bamboos in South China - PD 10/00 Rev.2 (I,F)

Improvement of Rubberwood Utilisation and Marketing in Thailand - PD 51/00 Rev.2 (I,M)

Sharing of Information and Experiences on Private Sector Success Stories in Sustainable Forest Management (Malaysia) - PD 48/99 Rev.1 (M, F)

Biodiversity Management and Conservation in a Forest Concession Adjacent to a Totally Protected Area (Nouabale-Ndoki National Park), Northern Congo (Congo) - PD 4/00 Rev.1 (F)

Establishment and Operation of a Forest Strategic Information Center (CIEF) EX-POST EVALUATION REPORT - PD 27/95 Rev.3 (M) Phase II Stage 2