Project evaluations

The latest reports of Ex-post Evaluations presented at the 52nd ITTC Session are as shown below:

New Ex-post Evaluations Reports - December 2016

Ex-situ and In-situ Conservation of Teak (Tectona Grandis L.F.) to Support Sustainable Forest Management - PD 270/04 Rev.2 (F)

Previous Ex-post Evaluations Reports - December 2015

Ordenamiento forestal productivo para la Zona de Reserva Campesina de Guaviare (Colombia) - PD 32/99 Rev.2 (F)

December 2015

Fire-Management and Post-Fires Restoration with Local Community Collaboration in Ghana - PD 284/04 Rev.2 (F)

December 2015

Extensión del manejo forestal sostenible de las tierras forestales de la Comarca Emberá-Wounaan del Darién, Panamá - PD 405/06 Rev.3 (F)

December 2015

Producción forestal sostenible y conservación de bosques con participación comunitaria en la Reserva Forestal de Chepigana, Darién, Panamá - PD 482/07 Rev.2 (F)