Children’s Environmental Education Programme

Children’s Environmental Education Program (CEEP)

Global warming is real and happening all around the world. While greenhouse gases emitted from factories and vehicles each amount to 14% of total greenhouse gas emissions, an astonishing amount of 20% of all greenhouse gases come from the destruction of forests around the world. Alarmingly, 4,000 square meters of forests are lost every second. When tropical forests are destroyed, biodiversity is also lost at a very fast pace.

The International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO) is a UN treaty-based organization that tackles these very issues related to tropical forests. To inform younger generations about the problems of forest loss and global warming, ITTO is launching a new educational programme about the tropical forests for students all over the world. This programme will address critical issues of forest management and conservation, biodiversity preservation and roles of forests. In offsetting greenhouse gas emissions, tropical forest conservation is one of the most important factors to consider when addressing global warming problems, but it is often overlooked in educational systems.

Teaching its importance to children is essential in pursuing a balance between environment and development in our world. Everyone shares the same environment, and with greater awareness, we can learn to achieve a common goal to conserve the tropical forests to sustain the health of the planet.

ITTO’s CEEP programme will commence activities in the areas of:

  1. Supplementary Teaching Materials
  2. School Forests
  3. Forest-Friendship Experience
  4. Learning Network
  5. Forest Education Camp
  6. Dispatch of Lecturers
  7. Environmental Education Conferences in 2009-2011.

We protect tropical forests together! ITTO manga comic book

We protect tropical forests together! The Ito family's trip to the Amazon is an ITTO manga comic book that follows the adventures of the Ito family as they travel to the Amazon and learn about tropical forests and how ITTO is involved in the conservation, sustainable management as well as the rehabilitation and restoration of the world's tropical forests.

Learning Network

International Partnership for Forestry Education (IPFE) meeting held on 23rd of October 2009 (World Forestry Congress, Buenos Aires)
Dr. Steven E. Johnson  presented ITTO's CEEP program and fellowship program at the meeting .

Photo by A.Sugihara

Dispatch of Lecturers

The lecture at Tokyo International School on the topic ‘Human actions have changed the world's environments’. (29th October 2009)”

Photos by K. Sato

Children targeted in new forest initiative

Photo: K. Sato/ITTO

A meeting in Yokohama on July 10th attended by about 900 people, including their Imperial Highnesses, the Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Japan, heralded the launch of a new environmental education program by the International Tropical Timber Organization to better educate children around the world about the importance of forests in maintaining a healthy global environment.