14 No 4

Responding to disaster

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US Navy photo by Phillip A. McDaniel

The staff at ITTO would like to convey its sympathies to all readers affected by the tsunami that hit Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, India, the Maldives and other countries in December 2004. Like most people who watched in horror as the full extent of the destruction became apparent, we want to help in the recovery process in the coming months and years.

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Who is logging the Congo?


Photo: CIB

A new ITTO report has made a preliminary analysis of the forest industry in the Congo Basin

By Manuel Ruiz Perez, Driss Ezzine de Blas, Robert Nasi, Marieke Sassen, Jeffrey Sayer, Claudine Angoue, Norbert Gami, Ousseynou Ndoye, Gregoire Ngono, Jean-Claude Nguinguiri, Donatien Nzala, Benjamin Toirambe and Yves Yalibanda

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The incredible Condor


Photo: Conservation International

ITTO projects are assisting the establishment of a transboundary 'peace park' in the Condor Range. Articles on the Shuar people's commitment to conservation and sound forest use and the Condor-Kutuku conservation corridor

By the Natura Foundation, Martin Alcalde and Luis Espinel

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Rattan reborn?


Photo: A. Sarre

Knowledge about Asia's most important non-wood forest product, rattan, is sorely incomplete. An ITTO pre-project has set out some research and development priorities

By Aida B. Lapis, Alvin A. Faraon, Kharina G. Bueser and Norma R. Pablo

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Managing mangroves


Photo: J. Gasana

ITTO projects in Colombia, Panama, Thailand, India and Japan have advanced the cause of mangrove conservation and sustainable management

By James K. Gasana and Monica Borobia

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State of play for tropical timber

After several years in the doldrums, what are the short-term prospects for tropical timber exports?

By Michael Adams

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Out on a limb


Tropical timber and sustainable development: is the trade delivering?

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Fellowship report


How to improve the regeneration of African mahoganies in the northeastern block forest of the Democratic Republic of Congo

By Jean-Remy Makana

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IUCN sets its agenda

The 3rd IUCN World Congress was one of the largest conservation gatherings ever staged

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On the conference circuit


Reports on an international conference on illegal logging/trade, a workshop on the Asia Forest Partnership, a meeting on mangrove management and conservation, and a meeting on developing a legal framework on all types of forests

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Recent editions


New books and reports

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Training courses for professionals in forestry and related disciplines

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A comprehensive listing of coming conferences relevant to sustainable tropical forest management

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