Technical reports

The reports presented here are the outcomes of studies commissioned by ITTO to facilitate informed decision-making. The contents of these reports do not necessarily reflect the views of ITTO or its members. 

Forest certification: pending challenges for tropical timber


This report identifies the key challenges that tropical producers must meet if they are to increase the area of certified forest and the volume of certified timber they put on the market.

Published :  October 2002
Author :  Richard Eba'a Atyi and Markku Simula
ID number :  TS-19
ISBN :  4-902045-00-1

Comparative study on the auditing systems of sustainable forest management

The purpose of this study is to assist ITTO producer countries in developing systems for the auditing of sustainable forest management.

Published :  July 2000
Author :  E.O. Nsenkyiere and Markku Simula

Downturn in the international tropical timber market

The tropical timber trade was damaged by the 1997/98 Asian economic crisis. This paper discusses some of the measures that might be taken to assist its recovery.

Published :  September 1999
Author :  Geoffrey Pleydell and Ivan Tomaselli
ID number :  TS-17

Impediments to market access for tropical timber

This survey assesses, among other things, how market access for tropical timber products is influenced by governments, professional associations, industrial and retail sectors, international organizations and other non-government groups.

Published :  May 1999
Author :  Tan Sri Dato' W K Choon and J Michael Ginnings
ID number :  TS-16

International cross sectoral forum on forest fire management in South East Asia

This report summarizes the outcomes of the International Cross Sectoral Forum on Forest Fire Management in South East Asia, which was hosted by the Government of Indonesia and sponsored by ITTO and the Japan International Cooperation Agency.

Published :  March 1999

Timber certification in transition

This report was commissioned by the International Tropical Timber Council in 1995 as part of the Council's ongoing analysis of the certification issue.

Published :  May 1996
Author :  Baharuddin Haji Ghazali and Markku Simula
ID number :  TS-14