Technical reports

The reports presented here are the outcomes of studies commissioned by ITTO to facilitate informed decision-making. The contents of these reports do not necessarily reflect the views of ITTO or its members. 

Developing forest certification (unedited annexes)


These unedited annexes contain country case studies of certication initiatives in country list.

Published :  May 2008

Community-based forest enterprises


This report describes the status and potential of community forest enterprises in tropical countries.

Published :  October 2007
Author :  A. Molnar, M. Liddle & others
ID number :  TS-28

Report on the review of the US market for tropical timber products


This report gives an overview of trends in the US tropical timber market.

Published :  July 2007
Author :  Alberto Goetzl & Håkan C. Ekström
ID number :  CEM-CFI (XL)/5 Rev. 1

Issues and opportunities for investment in natural tropical forests


This technical report contains the proceedings of the International tropical forest investment forum: issues and opportunities for investment in natural tropical forests. The Forum made a significant contribution to increase the level of understanding on opportunities and constraints for investments in natural tropical forest based enterprises, and on the kind of information and types of tools available or needed to promote more responsible investment.

Published :  February 2007
Author :  ITTO
ID number :  TS-27
ISBN :  4 902045 32 X

Collaboration among C&I processes


This report presents the results of the Inter-Criteria and Indicator (C&I) Process Collaboration Workshop, a collaborative effort by the Montreal Process, ITTO, FAO, the Ministerial Conference for the Protection of Forests in Europe (MCPFE), the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and the US Forest Service.

Published :  2006

New directions for tropical plywood


This technical report contains the proceedings of an ITTO/FAO International conference on tropical plywood. The conference provided a valuable opportunity for tropical plywood producers and consumers to exchange facts, views and experiences on the industry.

Published :  2006
ID number :  TS-26
ISBN :  4 902045 31 1

Guidebook for the formulation of afforestation and reforestation projects under the Clean Development Mechanism


The CDM project cycle is very demanding on project developers, involving project design and development, validation, registration, monitoring, verification and certification. This publication describes the conceptual and procedural details for formulating afforestation and reforestation projects under the CDM with an introduction to the Kyoto Protocol and the CDM.

Published :  2006
Author :  T. Pearson, S. Walker & S. Brown
ID number :  TS-25
ISBN :  4 902045 30 3

Status of tropical forest management 2005


This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the forest management situation in all 33 of ITTO's producer member countries. Using information submitted by the countries themselves and supplemented by data from a wide range of other sources, it addresses the policy and institutional settings in each country, the approaches taken to the allocation and management of resources, and the status of management of those resources.

Published :  2006
ID number :  TS-24
ISBN :  4 902045 24 9

Prevención, manejo de incendios forestales e impactos ambientales en la cuenca baja y media del río Piura, Perú


El Niño events bring extreme rainfall to semi-arid northwestern Peru resulting in high loadings of tinder-dry fuels in the years following an event. Forest fires have burned large areas after recent El Niño events, yet the capacity to manage the fires is limited. This report reviews what is known about the effects of fires in the lowland dry forests of the Piura region and introduces a strategy for developing effective fire management.

Published :  March 2006

Best practices for improving law compliance in the forestry sector


The first comprehensive overview of efforts being made at the local, national and international levels to address illegal forest operations, this joint FAO/ITTO publication analyses and distils available knowledge in a set of best practices for decision-makers.

Published :  2005
Author :  FAO/ITTO
ISBN :  92 5 105381 2

Review of the French timber market

This report gives an overview of trends in France's tropical timber market, recommending, among other things, that tropical timber producers grow the market for lesser known species by processing them locally to international standards.

Published :  November 2005
Author :  O. Pedersen & P. Desclos
ID number :  PPR 71/05 (M)

Restoring forest landscapes: An introduction to the art and science of forest landscape restoration


This publication presents the latest thinking on the emerging concept of forest landscape restoration. A joint production of ITTO and IUCN, it is the result of close collaboration between a number of institutions.

Published :  November 2005
Author :  ITTO/IUCN
ID number :  TS-23
ISBN :  4 902045 23 0

Review of the Italian timber market - with focus on tropical timber

This report indicates that Italy will continue to play a substantial part in the international trade of tropical wood products, but the tropical timber industry faces some challenges if it is to retain and expand its share of the Italian timber trade.

Published :  July 2005
Author :  A. Baudin, M. Flinkman & H-O. Nordvall
ID number :  PPR 69/05 (M)

Making the mahogany trade work


This report presents the results of the workshop on capacity-building for the implementation of the CITES Appendix-II listing of mahogany.

Published :  October 2004
ID number :  TS-22
ISBN :  4 902045 14 1

Review of information on life cycle analysis of tropical timber products

This report outlines the results of a review on life cycle assessment (LCA) as applied to temperate and, in particular, tropical timbers.

Published :  August 2004
Author :  Richard James Murphy

For services rendered


This report describes the current status and future potential of markets for the ecosystem services provided by tropical forests.

Published :  June 2004
Author :  S. Scherr, A. White & A. Khare
ID number :  TS-21
ISBN :  4-902045-10-9

Reviving tropical plywood


This report identifies measures to bring increased transparency to the tropical hardwood plywood trade and analyses the causes of market fluctuations and price volatility.

Published :  May 2004
Author :  Lamon Rutten and Tan Seng Hock
ID number :  TS-20
ISBN :  4-902045-09-5

Review of the Indian timber market

This review gauges the overall trends and prospects of India's timber markets with a focus on the tropical timber trade, to bring insight into the current supply and demand status and opportunities for ITTO exporters.

Published :  May 2004
Author :  Maharaj K. Muthoo

A review of forest fire management in the Philippines

According to this report, a law that removed responsibility for forest fire from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources has reduced the effectiveness of fire management in the Philippines. A five-year plan to restore forest fire management capacity is recommended.

Published :  January 2004

Market access of tropical timber

This report assesses how various market access-related initiatives and instruments are affecting, or may affect in the future, the market positions of tropical and non-tropical timber and timber products.

Published :  March 2003
Author :  Antti Rytkönen