Technical reports

The reports presented here are the outcomes of studies commissioned by ITTO to facilitate informed decision-making. The contents of these reports do not necessarily reflect the views of ITTO or its members. 

Proceedings of the joint workshop to streamline global forest reporting and strengthen collaboration among international criteria and indicator processes

Statement from the joint workshop to streamline global forest reporting and strengthen collaboration among international criteria and indicator processes

Raising the standards


This report is based on a study to monitor and assess major developments in technical and environmental standards, especially in selected major international markets. The study was designed to facilitate information exchange on technical and environmental standards relating to tropical timber products.

Published :  September 2011
Author :  Jukka Tissari
ID number :  TS-39
ISBN :  4-902045-88-5

Transboundary conservation and peace-building: Lessons from forest biodiversity conservation projects


This report, jointly produced by ITTO and UNU-IAS, analyzes and presents lessons from the implementation of ITTO transboundary conservation projects in the following eco-regions: Borneo rainforest (Indonesia and Malaysia); Central African rainforest (Gabon, Cameroon and Republic of Congo); Southeast Asian forest (Cambodia, Lao PDR and Thailand) and the Andean rainforest (Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia).

Published :  April 2011
Author :  Saleem H. Ali, Ph.D.
ISBN :  978-92-808-4525-9 (pb)

Status of tropical forest management 2011


This report details the progress towards sustainable forest management (SFM) in ITTO producer member countries during a period that has seen important global developments of relevance to tropical forests and their management.

Published :  June 2011
Author :  Juergen Blaser, Alastair Sarre, Duncan Poore and Steven Johnson
ID number :  TS-38
ISBN :  4-902045-78-8

Tropical forest tenure assessment


This report was initially prepared as the background document for the Yaoundé Conference in 2009. It generated significant interest in the local, regional and international media; as well as in technical, academic and political arenas related to forests and sustainable development in the tropics, due to the relevance of the information provided in support of innovative policy making to address livelihoods and forest conservation.

Published :  April 2011
Author :  Jeffrey Hatcher and Luke Bailey with assistance from Lopaka Purdy and Marina France
ID number :  TS-37
ISBN :  4-902045-77-X

National forest landscape restoration guidelines developed under 2008-09 Biennial Work Program activity PPA43/225 which promoted the implementation of guidelines for the management of secondary tropical forests, the restoration of degraded tropical forests and rehabilitation of degraded forest land

Leveling the playing field


This study has combined an analysis of global trends impacting on the relative competitiveness of tropical wood products with more detailed analysis of several major tropical wood supply chains drawing on a combination of primary and secondary sources. A major aim of the study was to provide much of the information necessary for tropical wood producers to build more effective market development strategies.

Published :  November 2010
Author :  Rupert Oliver and Ben Donkor
ID number :  TS-36
ISBN :  4-902045-69-9

REDD-plus (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) – Forest conservation in developing countries


This booklet, jointly produced by JICA and ITTO, aims to promote further understanding on- and interest in REDD-plus by the interested parties and the general public.

Published :  December 2014
Author :  JICA/ITTO

Good neighbours


This publication contains the proceedings from the International Conference on the Promotion of Intra-Africa Trade in Timber and Timber Products convened in Accra, Ghana in July 2009, and the outcomes of a 2009 study on the regional trade in tropical timber and timber products in Africa, which explored opportunities to further promote the regional trade of forest products from sustainably managed sources.

Published :  June 2010
ID number :  TS-35
ISBN :  4-902045-67-2

The pros and cons of procurement


This study reviews developments and progress regarding timber procurement policies. It assesses the positive and negative impacts of these policies, analyses the main similarities and differences among timber procurement policies, indicates the extent to which suppliers in ITTO member countries are able to meet the requirements and costs of these policies, and evaluates the need and desirability for as well as the practicality of promoting convergence and coordination among timber procurement policies as a means of facilitating the international trade in tropical timber.

Published :  April 2010
Author :  Markku Simula
ID number :  TS-34
ISBN :  4-902045-56-7

Unedited case studies of TS#34: The pros and cons of procurement

The unedited country case studies referred to in TS#34 are available in their original languages only.

Forest law compliance and governance in tropical countries


The objective of this report is to summarize the main outcomes and lessons learned from five regional workshops on forest law compliance and governance conducted jointly by FAO and ITTO throughout the tropics. Based on the outputs of the workshops, the report makes a number of region-by-region recommendations and draws some general conclusions.

Published :  March 2010
Author :  Jürgen Blaser

Guidebook for the formulation of afforestation / reforestation and bioenergy projects in the regulatory carbon market


The purpose of this guidebook is to serve as guidance for those interested in developing land-use change, forestry and bio-energy projects under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol. The guidebook has been updated by Winrock International with the support of UNEP's CASCADe programme, modified from an earlier version of an ITTO publication (TS 25 / 2006). This updated version includes new information on bio-energy projects and an Annex on voluntary carbon markets.

Published :  2009

Forest governance and climate-change mitigation. A policy brief prepared by ITTO and FAO


This policy brief summarizes the main findings of five workshops that were jointly funded and convened by ITTO and FAO in Southeast Asia, West Africa, Central Africa, the Amazon Basin and Mesoamerica, between August 2006 and July 2008 to promote a multi-sectoral dialogue between countries on improving forest law compliance. It highlights the lessons learned from experiences on the ground and sets out the key elements of an approach to forest law compliance and governance that will ensure the optimal role of forests in mitigating climate change.

Published :  October 2009

Encouraging industrial forest plantations in the tropics


This document is the report of a study on encouraging private-sector investment in industrial forest plantations in the tropics. It assesses the success of forest plantations, taking into account ecological, economic and social aspects and their overall contribution to sustainable development in accordance with the ITTO Guidelines for the Establishment and Sustainable Management of Planted Tropical Forests and ITTO action plans.

Published :  September 2009
ID number :  TS-33
ISBN :  4-902045-52-4

Gifts from the forest


This report of the international conference on the sustainable development of non-timber forest products and services held in Beijing, China presents an overview of the global non-timber forest products and services sector, considerations regarding the growing significance of community forest enterprises in the production of forest products and services, and discussions on policy and practical issues related to the development of markets for carbon and other forest services.

Published :  April 2009
ID number :  TS-32
ISBN :  4-902045-45-1

Energy grows on trees


This report summarizes the presentations and discussions made at the The International Conference on Wood-based Bioenergy held in Hannover, Germany, May 2007 as part of LIGNA 2007, the world’s premier exhibition of wood industry technologies. It also includes Powerpoint slides presented by speakers and the conclusions drawn and recommendations made by conference participants. It constitutes the proceedings of the conference.

Published :  November 2008
ID number :  TS-31
ISBN :  4-902045-44-3

Tropical forests and climate change


This report summarizes the deliberations of the International Expert Meeting on Addressing Climate Change through Sustainable Management of Tropical Forests, which met for three days in Yokohama, Japan, in May/June 2008. The meeting fully endorsed the potential role of sustainable forest management in the tropics in both mitigating climate change and helping communities adapt to it.

Published :  1 October 2008
ID number :  TS-30
ISBN :  4-902045-40-0

Developing forest certification


This report describes developments in forest certification worldwide, with a focus on the tropics, including a review of progress towards increasing the comparability and acceptance of forest certification systems.
Additional documentation: Unedited Annexes (see next item)

Published :  May 2008
Author :  Alan Purbawiyatna & Markku Simula
ID number :  TS-29
ISBN :  4-902045-39-7