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ITTO manual for project formulation


This third edition of the ITTO Manual for Project Formulation will be an invaluable resource for member countries as they seek assistance, through ITTO-funded projects, in pursuing ITTO’s objectives in general and the ITTO Objective 2000 in particular. It should be used to guide the design, content and format of project and pre-project proposals to be submitted to ITTO.

Published :  2009
Author :  ITTO
ID number :  GI-13
ISBN :  4-902045-47-8

Lessons learned & good practices from the ITTO Meta Evaluation towards sustainable management of tropical forests

The summaries synthesize key common issues, lessons learned and good practices which have emerged from ITTO's projects targeted at sustainable management of tropical forests and development of associated trade in tropical timber and timber products.

The purpose of the lessons learned is to assist stakeholders in implementing sustainable management of tropical forests. In addition, project formulators and implementers in designing and executing ITTO projects should benefit from the earlier lessons learned. While the ITTO Manual for Project Formulation (2009) remains the main guidance for project design, the summaries provide valuable additional information extracted from previous projects. Each section contains the following parts: (ⅰ) Introduction, (ⅱ) key issues, (ⅲ) lessons learned, and (ⅳ) good practices.

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