Project portfolio

The following is a list of ITTO projects in the field of market access initiated since 1999. All budget amounts are in US dollars. For a complete list of all operational and completed projects financed by ITTO, please refer to the ITTO Annual Report.

In the project numbers given below, 'PD' denotes project and 'PPD' denotes pre-project. The suffix 'F' denotes Committee on Reforestation and Forest Management, 'M' the Committee on Economic Information and Market Intelligence, and 'I' the Committee on Forest Industry.

Promoting access to forest-sector activities by Gabonese nationals through the development of the SME forest partnership

Project number :  PD 347/05 Rev.2 (I)
Project country :  Gabon
budget :  ITTO: $313,200
Government of Gabon: $71,000
Total: $384,200
Submitted by :  Government of Gabon
Implementing agencies :  Direction Generale des Eaux et Forêts
ITTO funding sources :  Japan, USA, Norway, France
Financed at session No :  38


This project will promote the participation of Gabonese nationals in the sustainable management of forest concessions and the further processing of timber at the domestic level. It will identify and initiate a mechanism to promote and finance forest logging and timber-processing activities by Gabonese-owned small- and medium-sized forest industries. At project completion, conditions will have been created to promote the emergence of national operators fully involved in the sustainable management of forests and industrial timber-processing.

Performance evaluation of export wood furniture in relation to strength and end-use applications using established test

Project number :  PD 35/99 Rev.4 (I)
Project country :  Philippines
budget :  ITTO: $139,999
Government of Philippines: $227,900
Total: $367,899
Submitted by :  Government of the Philippines
Implementing agencies :  Forest Products Research & Development Institute
ITTO funding sources :  Japan
Financed at session No :  30


This project is evaluating the strength and performance of export wood furniture such as chairs, tables, stools, cabinet doors and drawers by the application of loads or forces simulating normal functional use, as well as acceptable mis-use, according to a graded scale of severity following established standards. It is also identifying and will disseminate to manufacturers designs to improve the strength and stability of furniture.

Pre-project for the Ecuadorian tropical timber industry environmental management

Project number :  PPD 15/99 Rev.2 (I)
Project country :  Ecuador
budget :  ITTO: $71,740
Government of Ecuador: $7,000
Total: $78,740
Submitted by :  Government of Ecuador
Implementing agencies :  Sustainable Forestry Management Corporation (COMAFORS)
ITTO funding sources :  Switzerland
Financed at session No :  30


This pre-project designed and produced a project proposal, in coordination with the principal stakeholders (forest industries, NGOs, government and municipalities), related to the application of an environmental management system (EMS). The EMS addresses timber processing industrial issues such as water consumption, energy conservation, greenhouse gas emissions, and solid and liquid wastes. The ultimate aim is to increase the international trade of Ecuadorian timber on the basis of ISO 14000 certification and to assist the forest industry to comply with environmental regulation.