Training in reduced impact logging

What is the most important requirement to improve sustainable forest management practices in the tropics? It can be said that intensively planned and carefully controlled implementation of timber harvesting operations – reduced impact logging – is the key to minimize the environmental impact on forest stands and soils.

ITTO Project PD 110/01 Rev.4 (I) (Programme to facilitate and promote the adoption of reduced impact logging (RIL) in Indonesia and the Asia Pacific region), which was implemented by the Center for Forestry Education and Training (CFET) in Indonesia in close collaboration with the Tropical Forest Foundation (TFF), has produced the following manuals and reports:

Five technical manuals

Proceedings of ITTO Regional Workshop on RIL Implementation in Indonesia with reference to Asia-Pacific Region: Review and Experiences (Bogor, Indonesia, 15-16 February 2006)

Completion report for PD 110/01 Rev.4 (I)