Training package for auditing forest management


Photo: ITTO

The development of auditing systems for the ITTO Criteria and indicators for sustainable management of natural tropical forests (C&I) and the training of auditors can provide several benefits for tropical forestry. They help bring the C&I to the level of practical forest management planning, implementation and monitoring and encourage the development of feasible national/regional level adaptations of the requirements of sustainable forest management (SFM). In addition, auditing provides credible information on ecological, social and economic aspects of forest management, giving feedback for forest management unit-level planning and implementation and providing a basis for forest certification and national-level reporting.

The development of auditing capacity at national and regional levels is therefore essential. With this in mind, ITTO commissioned Indufor Oy, a Finland-based company, to assist in developing a training package on auditing systems for the ITTO C&I. The package has recently been updated in line with the Revised ITTO Criteria and Indicators (2005) and will be disseminated in CD form in English, French and Spanish.

The package, which was tested and revised in three regional training workshops (in the Philippines, Cameroon and Brazil), comprises a comprehensive set of transparencies (PowerPoint presentations), and instructions and materials for workshop instructors and participants. The English and Spanish-language packages are practically identical, whereas in the French version the ATO/ITTO Principles, criteria and indicators for the sustainable management of natural African forests (PCI) were used as audit requirements instead of the ITTO C&I.