Photos for ITTO project PD 4/00

ITTO project PD 4/00, which is being implemented by the Wildlife Conservation Society, is taking a participatory approach to management of the buffer zone (1,385,800 hectares) adjacent to the Nouabale-Ndoki National Park (390,000 hectares) for sustainable timber production and biodiversity conservation. The images presented below show some of the many activities being undertaken as part of the project.

Alternative sources of protein


The project is assisting communities in the buffer zone to develop alternative sources of protein to reduce their reliance on bushmeat, which is leading to over-hunting in the area. These chickens were raised in a newly built chicken farm. Photo: CIB

Creating public awareness


The project is introducing wildlife education to school children; here, puppets of wild animals are used to convey the message. Photo: ITTO

Reduced impact logging


Reduced impact logging is being introduced; here, an instructor demonstrates to trainees how to fell a tree so that it causes minimum damage to surrounding trees. Photo: ITTO

Value adding


The sawmill provides the main source of employment for people in the region. Photo: CIB