Status Definitions
  Data from the Joint Forest Sector Questionnaire sent by member countries to ITTO every year.
* Other unofficial data including country statistical reports, trade journals, ITTO project reports, USDA Foreign Agricultural Service reports.
A Adjustment from veneer area to volume assuming an average veneer sheet thickness of 2 mm.
C COMTRADE database.
CB COMTRADE mirror statistics from COMTRADE database.
E1 UNECE Superscript. Validated (supplied by official national correspondent and approved by secretariat analyst).
E2 UNECE Superscript. Official (from country, supplied by official national correspondent. Can be modified due to obvious errors [wrong units]).
E3 UNECE Superscript. Estimated-analyst (an educated estimate made by secretariat based upon knowledge and nonofficial sources).
E4 UNECE Superscript. Calculated, exclusively generated by Microsoft Access program for aggregates (both regional and product) and special calculations (e.g. consumption).
E5 UNECE Superscript. Repeated.
E6 UNECE Superscript. Not Published but counted in totals.
E7 UNECE Superscript. Provisional (a very rough estimate by the UNECE secretariat).
E8 UNECE Superscript. Estimated-technical (an estimate based on technical validation rules to make the data fit).
E9 UNECE Superscript. National estimate (unofficial data provided by official source).
F FAOSTAT superscript. FAO official data.
F1 FAOSTAT superscript. Aggregate, may include official, semi-official or estimated data.
F2 FAOSTAT superscript. FAO estimate.
F3 FAOSTAT superscript. FAO unofficial figure.
G Global Trade Atlas.
TCF UNECE Timber Committee Forecasts.
I ITTO estimate.
R Figure rounded down to zero.
X Repeated data.
ITCF ITTO Secretariat estimates based on TCF.